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Thread: Rapid Ph drops

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    Default Rapid Ph drops

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    So I'm in the process of cycling a 5 gallon aquarium (using one nerite snail already in it) and the ph keeps falling. I'll put in water thats right around 7.4, then when I check it the next day it drops to around 6.3. It's done this three separate times, each after a 50% water change. The tank contains black sand (from Petco), some driftwood, an anubias plant, some dwarf hairgrass, and a few ceramic caves and silk plants. Ammonia nitrate and nitrate levels are all ~0. the temperature is 74F/ Any idea whats going on?
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    The driftwood is leaking tannins which lower ph

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    But it was doing that before I added the driftwood, which i did because someone told me that raises ph. whoops. So other than removing the driftwood, what would you reccomend?
    Have you had your daily dosage of Pele?
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    Um don't know exept chemicals because my ph has always been low, I know here is a way to aise with baking soda

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    Although tannis can lower your pH, I do not believe it would lower the pH this much

    My only other thought is the CO2 levels in your water. If you do not have enough surface adjuration to oxygenate the water, the CO2 levels will rise and your pH can drop.
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    The filter provides a decent flow, its a top fin 10 for a 5 gallon tank, and there's a decent amount of live plants so I don't think itd be that
    Have you had your daily dosage of Pele?
    ^Shaving is hard^

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