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    Default Stocking a 40 gallon cool water tank

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    I need some ideas on what to put in my new 40 long. I've not kept fish in about 10 years, so my memory of some things is sketchy. The tank currently holds pool filter sand, a few plants, some driftwood and a few rocks for decoration. It's been primed and sacrificial fish added to start the cycling. I have a while until I can stock it for real, and my LFS can more than likely get what I need.

    I do plan on keeping this a cooler water tank (around 70) both for energy saving and because my house has less than friendly wiring. I'm a bit worried about keeping a warm water tank heater on the same outlet with the filter and hoods.

    Currently the tank houses 6 danios, two cherry barbs, two lemon tetras, and a handfull of feeder guppies. If they make it through the cycling, they're welcome to stay. If guppy babies become an issue, then we'll have to do something about that when the time comes.

    From initial and not-very-thorough research, it looks like some species of killifish, cherry shrimp and trumpet snails to stir up the sand. What else would you recommend? I'm not sure which species of killifish to ask for.. I'd like something interesting looking, but I have no idea which ones would fit in here.

    What would be a good choice for other tank mates?

    Thanks :)

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    White Cloud Mountain minnow (Tanichthys albonubes) always comes to mind anytime a cooler water tank is mentioned. A big school of those would look neat.
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    I must say I don't agree with the "sacrificial fish" part of your build, a fishless cycle is much easier to accomplish than a fish-in cycle, and a humane way to cycle a tank

    Be that as it may, I like the white cloud minnow suggestion, a big school in a 40 would look nice
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    You could keep a cooler water corydoras, maybe panda or paleatus.

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    Hey there and welcome to the AC. I would agree with Slap up top about Fishless cycling... its much faster, it can establish a bacterial culture larger than your stock and you can stock all at one time and its honestly overall better for the tank inhabitants because even with the fish you currently have, if you add new fish to it, you dont have the culture for that extra bio-load, just the load which you put in that tank.

    Now onto stock - You can go with danios... A favorite of mine is the Celestial Pearl Danio. The white cloud is a great fish and pretty. There are many shiners like the painted shiner that stays small and can thrive in cool water. There are also bottom feeders like many Cory species that do well to fill out your lower levels. You can also have loaches being that its a 40 long. Botai Loaches come to mind.
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    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I know, I should really just try the fishless. It intimidates me. I'll get over it.
    I think the white clouds are an excellent idea. Are killifish just not very popular?

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    Killifish are very popular... there is a whole club dedicated to just them. I have a pair that I keep at 70 and breed. There is just a lot of variability. I lucked out with mine as they have moderate mouths, calm tempers and a great look but thats usually not the case as killis tend to be very aggressive and can be a bear to deal with in a community setting. I know the clown killi is owned by KevinVa and he keeps them in a community that does well.

    this is mine:

    THere are just a few things you need to research. First, whats available to you in KY? Second look for the aphyosemion and fundulopanchax as they are not annual fish. Killis have the two types, one die every year and lay eggs as they are found in puddles and pools in the wild that dry up... The other is a 3-4 year fish.
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    Our LFS is pretty good about getting what you need within reason. I tried to research Killifish, buuuuut there's so much out there. It's information overload. Unfortunate that they can be fussy in community tanks though. :(

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    Also, killies that are NOT annual are the ones to look for if I decide to go with them, is that right?

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    Have you looked at Norman's Lampeye killies? I plan on stocking my 20g with these and Celestial Pearl Danios. The Lampeye's are not colorful like other killies but they have a blue "lamp" over each eye that looks amazing. They prefer to be in groups and are considered good in a community tank. I believe they prefer cooler temps as well. You have to see them to appreciate how great they look.. pics really don't do them justice.
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