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  1. Default breeding betta questions

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    So i have breed Betta a few times but lately i haven't had much luck. most of my Betta's show no interest anymore or have become very aggressive(mostly the females). I am hoping to acquirer another pair. They are HMPK dumbos that are 3.5 months old. If i am unable to get them then im looking at a red HMPK pair. I was hoping someone could help me get a better breeding turn out. SO how do you breed your Betta's? I've heard you can use tea to stain the water, what type of tea do you think would be best for this? How do you prepare your Betta's for breeding? Is there any special food you recommend? Any other information would be greatly appreciated! I really need these breeding to work. I will also let you know of any other questions. thank you

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    I dont know much about breeding bettas but i do know this
    1) are your bettas happy?(i.e have the males built bubble nests before you tried to introduce the females?)
    2) you say the females are being aggressive? That is something i have never heard off usually it is the females that are the less aggresive.
    3) i heard cattapa leaves help provide conditions for breeding

  3. Default

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    1) yes my betta's are happy they make bubble nest's all the time very big ones at that but they never breed.
    2) yep, I can't figure out my my females are so aggressive but they are females.

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    for feeding i recommend you use live food like brine shrimp bloodworms (frozen or freeze dried) will also work this should be done for a few weeks with constant water changes(the healthier the fish better will be the breeding process).
    but like i said I have never attempted breeding bettas so dont go by what i say only. Check the net and gather up all the info you need
    you say you have bred bettas before. So i assume you should know all this.
    Get a 5-10 gallon tank get a divider and let them get accustomed to each other then slowly let them interact make sure tank is heavily planted and the female can hide easily.
    once mated slowly remove the female and give her medicines if she is hurt let the fry hatch and slowly take out the male.
    This is pretty much all i know

    So keep me posted

  5. Default

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    Ok thanks the betta dumbo pair are coming in Monday or Tuesday. The pair is coming from Florida but where shipped there from Thailand.

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    hopefully they will do fine during the ride
    just one thing though how do you know if the breeder really is selling a pair

  7. Default

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    He sent us pictures of them and the caption was red copper Hmpk pair. The discription was 2 bettas 1 male 1 female 3.5 months old siblings.... Ect. It's not exactly how he said it but that's close to the in pronation he gave about it. He had very good ratings from ononinus buyers

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    Just FYI some people just sell bettas as a pair not knowing if they really are a pair or not.

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    Wait your breeding siblings purposely!?!? Why your going to get inbred fry they can and will have deformaties, I would feed hard boiled egg yolk to your fry.
    A true aquarist knows what it feels like to step on a sharp piece of gravel
    do as I say, not as I do- William
    I think if someone thinks clownfish are called nemos they should banned from keeping sw tank.

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    Inbreeding is pretty standard. It's not dangerous till you get several generations in. Proper breeders throw in some new blood here and there to keep it fresh.
    125 - BGK, pictus cats, silver dollars, kissing gouramis, palmas bichir, delhezi bichir
    125 - Red severum, bolivian rams, Turquoise rainbows, irian red rainbows, loaches (angelicus, zebra, kuhli and horseface), plecos (BN, RL and clown), denison barbs, pearl gouramis
    90 - Congo tetras, african knife, elephant nose, spotted ctenopoma, upside down cats

    QTs - 29, 20H, 20L, 10

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