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Thread: 20 Gallon Long

  1. Default 20 Gallon Long

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    I have a 20 gallon long with two glow light tetra and dense artificial plants. I would like to have a community with the following fish:

    Glowlight tetra
    Dawrf Neon Rainbows or American Flagfish or both
    Cory Cats
    maybe some bumble bee gobies

    My question is are all of these compatible and if so how many of each should i get?

    Thank You

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    I would add four or five more glowlight tetras. You could add 6 to 8 corys easily. The other fish i dont know about to give you good advise. Also how much or what kind of filtration do you have? And how long has tank been running? Answers to those question will help us give you ideas.
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    The tank has been set up for two years. I lost my last female from my betta sorority. I was doing maintenance the other day when my power filter suddenly died. So I now have a aqua clear 50 200 gal/hr.

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    Bumble bee gobies need brackish water, so they won't work for your tank, and I second upping the number of glowlights. Make that number at least 6 so they can school comfortably. Same with cories, you could happily house a school of 6, but I would look at the smaller species, or even the Pygmy species. You could do a school of probably about 10-12 of those.

    I am not familiar with the other species' care, however.
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    It says full grown size is 3inches I don't know if thats too big and if not how many to get. They are called Praecox Rainbows or Dawrf Rainbows.

    I'm thinking maybe:

    7 Glowlight Tetra
    6 Cory Cats
    4-5 Preacox Rainbows

    Thanks for your help so far. :-)
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    I would not do any type of rainbow other than maybe furcata in a 20g.. I think praecox would be borderline comfortable in a 20g but would prefer a breeder style tank of a 4' long tank

    Otherwise I'd up the Cory's a little

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triton View Post
    I would not do any type of rainbow other than maybe furcata in a 20g.. I think praecox would be borderline comfortable in a 20g but would prefer a breeder style tank of a 4' long tank

    Otherwise I'd up the Cory's a little
    Ok will this stock be ok?

    7 Glow light
    8 Cory cats
    5 American Flagfish

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    Should be, not sure about any aggression the Flagfish might have. May be none, I've just never kept them. You do want a healthy amount of algae for your Flagfish though. They like to peck around at it and will not be in the best of healthy if there is none. If your tank is very clean there is no reason to purposefully grow algae (unless you want to). Take a shallow bowl, fill it with water and leave it outside in the sun. Take several smooth river stones and place in the bowl. After a while they will be covered with algae. Put one stone in the tank until the Flags eat it all. Then just replace it with one of your other rocks.
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  9. Default

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    Ok thanks. I ended up with 2 Odessa Barbs and 8 Glowlights.

    I will get some Cory cats in a couple weeks.


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    Umm before you get more fish I would get some live plants because they are better for your tank some easy ones are hornwort, moneywort, marimo moss ball, aponogeton bulbs, all above I have in my tank personaly and are fine under flourescent and were fine under incadescent but didn't grow as fast but didn't die or anything
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