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Thread: My clowns

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    Default My clowns

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    I keep 8 clown loaches in my heavily planted 60gallon. I have a Tetra EX70 HOB Filter, Sunsun 302 Canister Filter, a Large 10 Layer Sponge Filter, and a Dual 7 layer Sponge Filter. They love the current provided by the Hydor 240GPH Powerheads that pulse for hours at a time randomly between the 3 powerheads. Lots of drift wood keeps them happy. The "momma" or biggest clown, enjoys staying in her lava rock cave when she's not playing with the rest of the school or eating. It's common for the alpha clown to be more reclusive when housed with a big school of loaches. Having 8 I truly get to see their personalities. In the morning when I walk by, they're always on the glass dancing waiting for me to feed them. They absolutely know their primary feeder. They make audible clicking noises when they are happy. I feed them pellets daily, algae wafers every other day, fast on fridays, 2 cubes of frozen bloodworms on saturday, and veggies on sunday and monday (either broccoli or celery usually). The diverse diet is very important.

    Sometimes the Angelicus/YoYo mixed loaches play with my clowns too.


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    It really is amazing to see the difference in a schooling fish when you have them in larger schools.

    How long have you had these guys ? What size of tank are you planning for them when they start getting close to their fully grown size ?
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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    Quote Originally Posted by James` View Post

    Well done for keeping a decent sized group. Can you upgrade tanks as needed?

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    With 8 of them there's huge concerns of them exceeding the limits of the tank. I have a 60gallon long which is great for them to cruise along the bottom. Once they start reaching 6inches or so I am going to have to consider moving them to at least a 120 with a river layout. I would love to have low 70s water and also have a bitchen hillstream set up. By the time I'm ready to get my hillstream set-up going I'm hoping I'll be able to move this school into that tank. With all the current provided by that to-be system the loaches will be very happy.

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    I got all 8 of them straight from the wholesale about 4 months ago and they couldn't be a more social and compact tight group. With the exception of my big gal who's growth just took off they are always together. They like to pare off in 2s or 3s and pick the algae off the higher up swords. They're so playful it's ridiculous.

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    Can we please have some pics? It's rare indeed to hear about clowns being kept properly. I'd like to see that!

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    Yeah, pics or it didn't happen!! lol I'd love to have a nice school of zebra loaches myself. I'm currently working on my own hillstream tank to be populated with hillstream loaches of the gastromyzon persuasion.
    Increasing your biodiversity increases your stability.

    You know what this tank needs? ........................ Crypts.

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    I have crummy iPhone photos that don't do the tank justice. I will upload some photos to the thread later today when I get to my phone *6:40am...* I wonder how the loaches would like a piece of algae wafer positioned on a veggie clip right in front of the powerhead? I may need to try this

    Quote Originally Posted by Compass View Post
    Yeah, pics or it didn't happen!! lol I'd love to have a nice school of zebra loaches myself. I'm currently working on my own hillstream tank to be populated with hillstream loaches of the gastromyzon persuasion.
    You'll have to post your experiences on establishing it. I've never attempted a hillstream setup and will be needing lots of articles for the tank.

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    it's a horrible picture. I ran over to my unlit tank and took a picture of so e of them dancing. I still need to do one of those slow motion tripod videos of the tank hahaha..

    more to come with better camera! For reference it looks like the camera is actually sideways 90degree CCW

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    It seems I cannot edit previous posts on this category? Here's a picture before the other powerbeads were installed. Remembered it was on FB. _DSC0947.jpg_DSC0949.jpg

    They love stabbing holes in the plants. Especially the platy. Lights were off during this photo.

    EDIT: I just noticed my Angel Ram on the left side of the photo. Very cool addition to the tank. The Otos weren't in the tank either and there was more algae then.. The Opaline is visible in the picture too. The platy is in the first photo. Angelicus visible too.
    Last edited by James`; 06-30-2014 at 04:02 PM.

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