this is my tank a few days ago , it was up for a while before that so it's fairly established , i replanted some sag up front , some ludwigia and wisteria and did a large w/c




this is the tank today there's bga on the sand and on the leaves :/ , i'm gonna do a large w/c tomorrow and remove whatever i can i also adjusted the internal filter for more even flow so that should help , a buddy (aeonflame) suggested erythromycin but i wanna try less intense methods first , i've used peroxide in the past successfully for algae , last time i was getting a bag bloom in a smaller tank i noticed that ramshorns were feeding on it and it eventually went away but i'm not sure if they really helped cuz i was doing w/cs as well , anyways i'm open to suggestions and overall critique of the tank ( yes the water stains i see them lol )