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  1. Default Suggestions for my new 75Gal

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    Ok I just bought a new 75 Gal Aquarium and I want to put some South american chiclids in it, I've Only ever Have had Angelfish, convicts, and Bolivian Rams before as far as chiclids go.

    I am really looking for fish that get anywhere from 4-8 inches, I was thinking of adding 2 Angels, 1 geophagus redhead tapajos, 1 Electric blue Acara and I have a Keyhole that I just bought yesterday in a 29 gal that I was thinking of moving over eventually.

    I am not sure what to add for dithers, and I have always wanted a Severum or a firemouth, do you think they would be a bad idea for a 75 Gal ? I'm really looking to get something I've never had before and I love the looks of South/central american Chiclids they are so cool!

    are there any other Chiclids someone could recommend to me ?

    Thank you kindly for any help you can give me, I really appreciate it, I absolutely love this hobby, its just amazing and i'm so addicted!

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    mommy1 and Sandz are the ones to talk to on this one. Hopefully they'll chime in here in a minute. :)
    Increasing your biodiversity increases your stability.

    You know what this tank needs? ........................ Crypts.

  3. Default

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    I love the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey. They do not get as big as regular Jack and they are way less aggressive.
    I use Giant Danios as dithers, but I wish I had gone with Congo Tetras. The EBJD grows to 8" or so.

    Last edited by pRED; 06-19-2014 at 05:02 PM.

  4. Default

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    Wow!!! what a stunning fish! is that a picture of yours ? if so that's just beautiful! I'm so jealous!

    I've always wanted a Jack Dempsey, Would one of them be fine in a 75 Gal ? I'd only be worried about it being a meaner fish, would one be ok with angels,a keyhole and maybe a geo like the red head ?

  5. Default

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    That is my EBJD, thanks. They are not that aggressive and I have mine in a 55gal w/5 GDanios, 1 BN pleco and Redtail Shark.
    I think one would safe with the fish you mentioned. I have doubts on the Keyhole being small and needing mate tho.

  6. Default

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    Thanks Pred

    I'm still going to keep looking at other fish, The Jack Dempsy is cool but I think I want to do some corrycats and I was reading they might try to eat corys and get them stuck in their mouth. I think I'd probably go for a Severum but I really don't know, they get big.

    Sofar this is what i'm thinking:

    2 Angelfish
    1 geo redhead tapajos
    1 Electric blue acara
    6 sterbia corys

    How are SwordTails(thinking 2 males 3 females) as dithers ? and i'm not sure if I will leave the keyhole in the 29 and get him a buddy or move him to the 75 gal on his own, so I am still open for more suggestions, Thanks for the help so far everyone.

    Also I plan for this to been a heavily planted tank with rocks and drift wood, so hopefully I can get some fish that won't terrorize the plants as much, I don't mind if they nibble it, Its for them to enjoy after all :)

    Keep the suggestions coming, I won't be putting this together for a while anyway, I still need to cycle and buy plants :P

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    Severums do get big, but they grow very slowly. If you plan on keeping 2 angels better get 6 young ones to grow out and move along the extras after you have an established pair. The Geo will uproot plants, severums will eat them. Cichlids in general are best kept with plastic or silk plants IME. Sailfin mollies would be better than swordtails, less prone to jump out of the tank. Synodontis catfish or any of a number of species of botia would also work in place of the Cory cats.

    ^^^^Please click the eggs/dragons, thanks.

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