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    Default The Great Cichlid Debate

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    About a month ago I started up a second 38g and it's been cycling since then. I planned on moving my peacock eel into it and also some African cichlids, but I know that the cichlids can be pretty aggressive. The eel never really comes out from under the rocks so I'm not nervous about him picking on the cichlids, just the cichlids picking on him. Could they get along well together or should I opt to not put them in together? If not, what would be some good choices to mix in with a peacock eel?

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    A 38 limits your stocking options, really too small for most African cichlids in any case. Also consider, peacock eels are soft water river fish, not suited to the hard/alkaline water African cichlids need. Toss in a handful of endler's livebearers and the eel will snack on some of the fry. They'll also give you something to watch while the eel is buried in the sand.

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    Not all African cichlids are hardwater fish. Take the kribensis for example. Not necessarily a good idea though since it's a bottom dweller but just saying

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    My opinion would be to go with Electric Labs or Kenyii species only

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