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  1. Default National Geographic products (animal cages)

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    I have just started seeing National Geographic branded products in the local Petsmart. I'm currently going to be getting a guinea pig, and will be needing a cage soon, and saw some made by National Geographic. Has anyone any experience with these products--whether cages or anything else they make? Are they simply trying to make money off the name brand, or are these quality products?

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    I have a Natgeo aquarium heater and I love it! Much better than the top fin heater I had. I've also spoken to someone who bought a whole aquarium kit from them and they're happy with it!

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    OK, thanks for the comment.

    Their cages didn't seem to be the cheapest around--which isn't a showstopper for me--but I just want to make sure I'm doing more than buying the same crud, but with a bigger markup because of that name.

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    I will say, you probably are going to be paying a bit for the name. But as far as I have seen, they have pretty decent products. I'll also say though, "you get what you pay for" is a very true saying in most cases. I'd try to find some reviews online before buying anything.

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    Petsmart is teh only place that sells them (at least that's what the guy at Petsmart told me). I couldn't find anything on amazon, was the only place for reviews.

    This was excellent advice. Many people are complaining about the design; specifically that they are too small. The one cage marketed for guinea pigs had one review that said that it was too small. It was ok for a small gp, but not for a pair, or for a large adult. I'll be on the lookout for that factor when I go shopping.

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    If you're in a position to examine the cages in person make use of that. For GP you want as much floorspace as you can possibly get and accommodate in your home. For any rodent you want the bottom of the cage easily cleanable. For GP you want the sides to be at least 3 and preferably 4 inches high since you tend to keep these in quite a lot of bedding and higher sides prevent overspill

    Do we need to discuss that wood shavings are bad for rodents? Probably not since we fishkeepers know the importance of research before keeping pets. Still, in case this thread ever does show up in a search by other people, This video is a very good place to start for anyone considering these animals.

    One thing none of these resources ever mention is that droppings make quite a decent fertilizer for the garden.

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    At my local Petsmart they are on sale plus with their perks card you get even more bonus. If you do get one, you should write a review about it because I was interested in their kits as well.
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    Way too small IMO...get the biggest rabbit cage you can find instead...

    You'd think NatGeo would know better instead of promoting inadequate space...
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    This is a late comment, but it seems some of the profits (at least on the fish food I bought since they were out of my usual Omega One brand) go to conservation-related stuff. Probably a very small percentage, but it does sound appealing as a consumer.
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