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    Default Fish and plants for 165L tank

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    I am in the process of cycling my Aqua One 850 fish tank (165L, dimensions 84cm L x 44cm W x 59cm H). In it I have a Eheim heater, a half cut large fake log (hollow), a few fake plants (thinking of adding some real plants), a stone ornament and a small pot. The gravel is natural black (blackish/brownish color).

    Currently I have another tank that has:
    2 Balloon Mollies (females); &
    6 Guppies (mixed)

    I was wondering, once my new tank is ready can I add:
    6 Neon Tetras;
    4 Corys (is it okay if they aren't the same type? I was thinking of getting 2 peppered and 2 albino;
    1 or 2 Bristlenose Catfish (1 male and 1 female); &
    3 or 4 Ghost Shrimp

    Is that too overcrowded?

    Also, what plants a relatively easy to maintain?

    Thanks. I look forward to receiving your replies!

    EDIT: I will do a 20% water change weekly. Is this too often?

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    Cories don't like gravel and they do like groups of their own kind, not a pair.

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    I would do more neons, they have a small bio load. You could also do a large school of micro rasbora. A large school of small fish is very impressive and has a very neat effect on a tank's appearance.

    I agree with talldutchie. Cories like groups (6+) of their own species. They will school with other species, but only as a last resort. Remember, only stock with what is ideal for the animal, not their bare minimum. Not to mention cories do not do well on gravel. Their barbels get damaged and their ability to eat is affected, as well as becoming prone to infection.

    I can't say much on plecos, I have no experience, but I imagine a bristlenose or two would be fine.

    Same with ghost as with neons... Very low bio load, so more would probably be better. I would probably go with a dozen.

    I may be overstocking, but others will have some good advice. As for plants, Anubias, crypts, java moss/fern have always been good for me. What is your lighting, temp, parameters, etc?
    2.5g Freshwater
    Anubias, crypt., Java fern
    Giger, blue male crown tail betta

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    Thank you for your replies.

    The light wattage is 2x 30inch 25watt and 1x 23.5inch 20watt.
    Temperature I have it at now is 26 degrees (still cycling)
    Will check the parameters on Sunday when I purchase a kit.

    So definitely a no on the cories (I really like them)? How about if i add sand to half of the surface area on top of the gravel?

    So how about the following:
    2 Balloon Mollies (females);
    6 Guppies (mixed);
    12 Neon Tetras;
    2 Bristlenose Catfish (1 male and 1 female);
    6 Ghost Shrimp; &
    6 Cories (peppered)(only if possible)

    20% water change weekly.

    Is this too many?
    Will any of those fish attack the ghost shrimp, or each other?
    Also, are neon tetras schooling fish?

    Thank you.

    EDIT: is the lighting sufficient for plant growth?

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    I'm terrible with the technical aspect of lighting, so you may want to go and set-up a. Specific thread in the plant section.

    Neons are indeed schooling fish, as are all tetras.

    The probably with half sand/half gravel is the sand will carry to the other side of the tank and eventually sink below the gravel. I know some people keep them on gravel if it is smooth enough, but I don't think it's a good idea. If you wanted cories you would be best to remove all/most gravel and add sand.

    Make sure to check parameters before adding more fish, make sure your beneficial bacteria can keep up. And of course, add fish in small amounts. I would start with 6 tetras, give it a bit, then another 6, and so on. I would add the pleco last, and maybe ask about them in the pleco section. Like I said, I'm not familiar with them.

    I would also up the water changes, but that's just me. If I'm doing water changes, I'm just going to get all into it.

    None of the fish you have listed should mess with your shrimp.
    2.5g Freshwater
    Anubias, crypt., Java fern
    Giger, blue male crown tail betta

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    Thanks for your advice :)

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