Ok so I have my 45 galon tank and it's a corner tank.
I currently have a Hand on back filter and 1 power head. The power head is placed so the water moves the top of the water a lot.
Since I've put the power head there The fish seem much more happy because there is a lot more oxygen but the bottom of my tank since its a corner tank is not very active.

The problem here is when I put the power head at the bottom to make sure there are no "dead" spots in the tank and keep my bottom plants such as anubias clean ( now they're dirty with algea on the leafs ) the fish seem too tired or freaked out and some of my tetras would die or not swim in a school. I don't know is this really because they're tired of maybe it's something else and it has nothing to do with it .

ANYWAYS I now think I should maybe put :

1 hang on back filter
1 Canister fluval
1 power head

Now where do I place my in and out for my canister filter in this corner tank for maximum water displacement and the power head where should it go aswell.

2 hang on back filters
1 power head

1 sump
2 power heads
(create a DIY overflow system which drains into my sump then pump it back in tank)

I would appreciate your idea's or maybe what you've done. Aswell keep in mind i have a corner tank and it's really about having
planted tank. Thanks