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  1. Default Stumped on how to feed frogs

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    I bought four African Dwarf Frogs for my 37 gallon community tank. I have 7 rosy barbs and 4 platies. The tank is pretty densely planted.

    I have seen all the instructional videos on how to feed the frogs, from using a turkey baster to putting the frogs in a net and feeding them individually.

    However, none of the videos or articles seem to address the fundamental problem, which is even finding the frogs and feeding all of them consistently. I have no idea where they are in the tank. I can't tell one from the other. After I have fed one with the net and released it, I lose track of who I fed and who needs to be fed. The tank has so many places to hide it's just impossible to even track them down.

    I don't really know how to consistently feed these guys, let alone when I go on vacation. I did try dropping a square of blood worms hoping the frogs would go to it if it was left at the bottom, but it didn't sink and all the other fish basically devoured it before it even got close to the bottom.

    I'm really starting to regret buying these guys. I love them, but it seems like they are impossible to feed consistently in a large community tank. Any ideas?

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    When I kept these guys years ago, it did not have too much trouble feeding them. I fed them a few different types of sinking shrimp pellets. I had a very flat rock I would place the food on. Once they got the sent of food, they would make their way to the flat rock and find the food. I found if I let the pellets fall to the substrate, they would have a tough time finding the food. Once they caught on to associating the flat rock with food, it got very very easy to feed them. You can also try using a turkey baster to get the food to the bottom of the tank without the fish steeling it on the way down

    Also keep in mind, after being added to a new tank, they may not eat too much for a week or so until they get used to their new home

    What are you trying to feed your frogs ?

    Have you tested your water parameters latley ?
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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    I've had similar problems, not with frogs, but with corydoras.
    what somewhat worked for me was to put food in a very dark, densely planted area or in a cave structure like a PVC pipe. if it is dark enough the other fish won't go in, and the frogs which if I remember correctly are scent-oriented will eventually find it.

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    I also had some trouble figuring out how to feed ADF's in my community tank. My suggestion would be to listen to the suggestion of the above posts and then stick with that same feeding routine.

    The frogs will catch on to the routine. Hopefully they all do and it becomes easier for you.

    Personally I have been placing the food right in front of my frogs nose and he/she soon started associating my hand with food. Today for the first time he swam up right into my palm and fed from there.

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    I had 2 Albino Clawed Frogs and 2 African Clawed Frogs in a heavy planted tank. They lived in the tank together for like 3 years. They all 4 grew about 5-6". They ate Blood woods and Pellets with ease until one day I saw a head of a Albino Clawed Frog in the mouth of a African Clawed Frogs. The African Clawed Frogs Ate both Albino Clawed Frogs.
    currently setting up a 125 gallon

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