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    Default 33g African tank?

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    I have a 33g Juwel rio 125 currently ununsed in the garage and was wondering if there was anything in the way of africans which I could stock in it. I was thinking of just a single colony species-only tank. I know my options are very limited because of the size. Keeping in mind I'm in NZ, my choices of stock are very limited. I've also been down the shellie road before and would rather not go down it again. I already have a 120g and 60g planted communities so I'd rather not go down that road again either.

    I was considering Neolamprologus brichardi, pulcher (if I can source some), or leleupi (again, if I can source them). I do have access to Altolamprologs calvus and compressiceps but both go for about $90 a fish which is out of my current budget! Someone also mentioned that red jewel cichlids may work but I'm not sure on that.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I was look ing at brichardi or all of what you listed. There two or three so listed as red jewel, one is more mellow and the other is a mean bugger. When i get home i will find the info. My first tank 20+ years ago was red jewels and i wish i knew then what i know now. They are very pretty fish but can be very aggressive.
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    You could do a lot with a species only 33gal. You can do almost any peacock that stays 4in or less. Like lemon jakes and sunshine yellow mbengas. It all depends what you can source. leleupi are cool fish but at the same time boring. They are cool in their attitude but they are very blah in the african world of color choices. You could do a whole tank full of brichardi. I use a 20gal tank and honestly they get along with Cory and rcs.

    You can also do mbuna like yellow labs and kenyii. I would recommend if you can find them, Kyoga Flame Backs. One because they are a cares species but 2 because they are really peaceful fish that only get 4in.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    cm12 -- thanks for that! Red Juwels are a dime a dozen here because they are so easy to breed, but I have no idea what species of red jewel they are specifically? Nobody tends to keep track of latin names. And even if they do they are wrong half the time.

    Sandz -- that's really great news, I didn't think a 33g would be suitable for many species! Never heard of the Kyoga Flame Backs but we CAN get Haplochromis brownae. Do these have similar temperament/requirements?

    The Peacocks in my area seem to be either really expensive or crap quality so I'll avoid those.

    I really like the idea of the Kenyis because 1, they are easily sourced and cheap in my area, and 2, the sexual dimorphism will add more colour to the tank. :) These are probably my favourite option. Any suggestion on how many to start with and what gender ratio is needed?

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    You can do brownae in that no problem. The big key is going to be making sure 4in is max. With Kenyi you can do 3m-7f as a final stock if you want to be safe. The rule with africans is usually 1/2 your tank gallon space and 2x the filtration. Ive seen 55s with 35 mbuna and they do well and are very colorful long lived and active.
    FW: 1 45gal, 1 40gal, 3 10gal, 3 30gal all community tanks of different species
    Sw: 1 55gal, 1 30gal show, 1 29gal show, 1 20gal and 2 10's

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    Hm so might pay to add some additional filtration then!

    Thank you for your help Sandz.

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    Anytime! If for some reason I dont respond at any time, just shoot me a pm.
    FW: 1 45gal, 1 40gal, 3 10gal, 3 30gal all community tanks of different species
    Sw: 1 55gal, 1 30gal show, 1 29gal show, 1 20gal and 2 10's

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