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  1. Default adopted some clown loaches and a catfish, need help

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    My friend didn't bother taking care of his fish anymore, so he was considering flushing them down the toilet. Instead, I decided to step in and take them under my fin. Now I want to know if my fish live the lives they deserve. I have tried searching around a bit, but I think it's easier if I enter my specific details here and get feedback from a community that knows its stuff.

    The tank itself is about 10 liters, which should correspond to 2.64 gallons according to Google. In the tank is a black, bottom-feeding catfish of some sort, he's big and a little chubby, and is pretty active after the lights go out. His length is about 10 centimeters. I also have 2 clown loaches in there. All three fish enjoy staying in the shade, so I have blocked some of the light with the help of some plants, so they can hide easier. They are both the same size, both length and chubbiness. They are about 5-6 centimeters long. All of them get along just fine. The two loaches would fight for the food, but they stopped doing this after a while, and they can eat without chasing each other around now. The one that was being chased around was a little gray instead of black on his stripes, and he still is. Is this a bad thing?

    The pet store said that I need only give the loaches 1-2 tablets of this sort: I've been giving them that. I was told that the catfish would eat algae and scavenge the bottom for scraps. However, I noticed that he was quite the glutton, and he would start munching on the tablets I gave to my loaches as well as his scavenging.

    My questions are the following: Do I need a bigger tank? Do I need more fish to keep them company? Will I have to give them more/less food? Also, general tips would be nice. I will upload a picture of my aquarium when I have the chance so you can see what it looks like. Please tell me if there is any other information you would like to know.

    EDIT: Shoot, I hit the enter button while writing the title.
    Last edited by Kallemalle; 06-04-2014 at 04:40 PM.

  2. Default

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    This picture should help...


    Clown loaches need schools of 6-8 to be happy and can easily get to 12"+ long... guess the catfish is a red tail or some other type, but even if it was a cory cat it would not be appropriate for a 2.5g tank

    2.5g tanks can really only be used as temp hospital tanks, killi breeding tanks, or for shrimp

    I would HIGHLY recommend finding either a fish store, or someone with a large 75 - 120g tank to take these guys

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    +1 to the are to be commended for trying to save these fish, but no fish whatsoever belongs in a tank that small
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  4. Default

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    Thank you for the response. It got me a bit worried knowing that they have been living in such a small tank for such a long time, so I'm glad I got this settled as soon as possible. I will try to contact my other friend, who is a fish-maniac and would probably love to take them for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kallemalle View Post
    I will try to contact my other friend, who is a fish-maniac and would probably love to take them for me.
    That sounds like an excellent idea, it's the right thing to do for the fish.

    Thanks again for saving them!
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    40 Gallon Breeder: ... Journal
    29 Gallon: ... Journal

    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went” - Will Rogers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kallemalle View Post
    Is this a bad thing?
    Yes. No fish belongs in a 2 gallon tank. But I think you already know this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kallemalle View Post
    I will try to contact my other friend, who is a fish-maniac and would probably love to take them for me.
    You should have done this first. Make sure this friend of yours has a very large tank because you know how big common plecos and clown loaches can get.
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    I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
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  7. Default

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    Mommy: I didn't know anything about the tank size beforehand, he just dropped them by after I said I considered taking them. I've had the fish for a total of two days now, and I've just contacted my other friend to see if she can take them. She has over 1000 fish and over ten years of experience, so I trust she knows her stuff.

  8. Default

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    Are you going to look into getting a tank for yourself after these guys get upgraded?

    If so I'm sure we could help through the entire process... the tough thing usually is when someone picks a tank then tries to fit the fish in it, rather than pick a fish to design a tank around...

  9. Default

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    Possibly. I first considered taking care of the fish myself, but after some Googling I realized they are not well suited for beginners, and thus I decided I will give them away to a more suitable owner.

    There are probably threads for this already, but do you have any recommendations for easy-to-keep fish that don't require a big budget either? I honestly don't care much what they look like, as long as they're happy and keep me company. Also, a fish that doesn't end up as large as my cat would be nice.

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    Catfish of some sort always sets of alarm bells with me. Quite a few of the species that are sold to unsuspecting newbies get huge! A pic would allow us to help with an ID.

    If you do want to progress in the hobby I'd advice you to read up a bit about fishless cycling and the nitrogen cycle in general.
    Also see what you can find out about your tap water. Is it hard? soft? If you're in Europe then your water company will have this information online somewhere. If you're elsewhere in the world contact them and ask. If your electric kettle or coffee maker develops scale easily then it's hard water.

    Next, take a look around your rooms. What space would you have available for an aquarium? You'd need somewhere out of direct sunlight, somewhere where you can look at it and enjoy it but also not somewhere where people will continuously walk by it. If you already have some furniture that's sturdy enough for an adult to sit on it for some time then it will also be able to take the weight of a reasonable sized aquarium.

    See what you can find out and then start a new thread. If you'd be willing to also disclose your country we may be able to provide suggestions for equipment based on what's on the market in your country. Also think about what you can spend. Over here in this country a beginner's kit can be had for 75 euros, testing equipment would set me back about 30 euros. Decor and some plants another 25-30. Fish and food say 25 euros. Running costs per month would be as low as 5-10 euros.

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