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  1. Default Just not clear on what i need to do.

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    I was hoping to get a 30 gallon tank and make it into a tropical community tank With The Following Fish:
    1 Black Molly
    1 Balloon Belly Molly
    3 Red Mickey Mouse Platies
    5 Glofish Danios
    1 Zebra Danio
    Maybe a Longfin Albino BN Pleco? (I highly doubt that I Will get one because it is very rare that my LFS has it in stock, and aren't plecos supposed to be messy?) Please tell me whether the tank will be overstocked with and without the BN. But my main question is, i know that you're only supposed to add 3 fish at a time, but all my livebearers will be males, And I Know the males are notorious for fighting, so should i add all of the boys at one time? Will the Mollies and Platies fight? If not, I can just add them as i would normally,right? Would the Black Molly Bully the Balloon Belly because of the odd body shape?
    Thanks again,
    The Mysterious Frog King (LOL, that is SO fun to type :))

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    If you cycle the tank with ammonia you can add all the fish on your list at once minus the pleco because it would appreciate a more mature tank. Aggression with live bearers is usually due to fighting over the females, and if it is all males, and you have a nice sized group, aggression should be at a minimum.
    The tank will not be overstocked with all the fish on your list but I urge you not to get a balloon fish of any sort. These fish are bred be deformed and I personally don't agree with the practice, of course it is your choice, I just have to throw my opinion out there.
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    I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
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    If we're throwing opinions.. I have a thing against genetically engineered fish like those glofish. However, unlike glofish balloon varieties of anything are much more likely to develop problems with their digestive system which would be a good reason to steer clear.

    Alternative to this proposed stocking is to stick with platies but get several different colours and add the danios to that.

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    The number of fish is fine for a 30g (with, I assume, adequate filtration?), but I have the same issue with balloon mollies/anything. They are just deformed, poor things. Unhealthy fish.

    The glofish I don't have problems with, since they function the same as normal danios. I personally think they are unnatural looking, but as long as they are not dyed, then to each their own. You could have a larger school of them if you wanted, or even another school of smaller fish if you have good filtration.

    The pleco....definitely wait until the tank is mature (several months old at least) and have some driftwood in there.
    20 gallon with a male betta, neons, glowlights, and red cherry shrimp. (work in progess) Recently added a few LIVE plants and driftwood, Woooohoooo!

  5. Default

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    Just tossing my input out there:

    I'd try to stick with just the platys and danios for swimmers rather than the mollies. Just becareful because if you get any female platys you will get fry, if that happens talk to the LFS, maybe they will take the fry as you need to get rid of them

    Long fin BN pleco would be great in a 30, make sure to provide a few pieces of driftwood and two small pleco caves for him to call his own

    I too disagree with the selling of "balloon" anything because of the long term health of the fish.

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    Before I throw my input in there,(forewarning, everyone on the forum is very opinionated towards this stuff.) are you wanting a natural looking tank? If so steer clear of both glofish and balloon fish. IMO, fish of that nature are very unnatural looking and make a tank look very artificial. Mollies, Plaities, a pleco and a naturals variant of a few danios would go nicely in this tank. Especially if you plan on planting it. Even using fake plants to make a natural looking tank with some driftwood would look great! I used to have glofish, and to be honest, was very displeased with them. They really only look good under a black light with a big school of their own kind in there with them. They don't look near as good with natural fish and a normal tank setup. Unless you want a tank specifically for glofish, I'd skip them.

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    Which is a matter of taste. PErsonally I agree with Drew on this. One thing though.. any attempt at a natural tank goes out of the window with a bad gravel choice.

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    I was setting up the tank with fish my lil sis loved, and she loves unnatural looking fish, so for the glofish and Balloon Mollies it was love at first sight. I knew that the Balloon Mollies were selectively bred, but had no idea about the pain and suffering they went through. Natural looking tanks look a lot more beautiful to me, so I'll just cross out the Glofish. Would a Black Molly be okay by itself? I guess i'll add 2 Red Platies to even out the fighting, and get 9 Zebra Danios. I tried to explain to my sister that Zebra Danios are uncolored Glofish, and she seemed content with that. How many Black Mollies could i get without being overstocked?

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    I'm going to give my full opinion here, you have been warned.

    The balloon fish are unnatural, and extremely ugly. The very existence of these has stained the hobby as a whole, and makes finding certain fish, such as Boesemani Rainbowfish and Blue Rams even more difficult to find. While they may appeal to a beginner, once you get deeper into the hobby, you will probably regret it.

    As for the colored fish(not including tattooed, don't even get me started on that), I don't have as much of an objection. They can live normal lifes, but I do have one certain problem. The very idea of modifying nature for your own pleasure isn't appealing to me at all, even though this is not nearly as bad as the balloon fish. When I started out, I purchased 3 of the electric green tetras, of which 2 are alive today(also note that when I started out I didn't take note of proper schooling numbers). Anyways, if I had the choice today to go back and change my purchase, I definitely would of bought 6-8 of the regular variety.

    Anyways, enjoy your tank and make the decisions you feel are right.

  10. Default

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    Since everyone is just throwing out opinions, I'll jump in..
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