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    Default Phase 4 of my wife's fish tank brings a tank full of snails.

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    Today my wife and I bought 4 more plants for her tank. 1 Narrow Leaf Ludwigia, 2 four leaf Clovers and 1 Java fern. With the 4 plants came a tank full of snails. The snails range in size from the size of a Pinkey nail to half the size of a Pinkey nail. Even with dosing Co2 every other day, Iron once a week and a assassin snail the snails are still there.
    Any ideas? Heard once to put a pice of lettuce in the tank and in the morning they will all be on the lettuce and just pick it up and throw it away.

    Wife's Tank
    20 Gallon tall- heavily planted
    48w T5 light, Excel, iron, Potassium, root tabs
    6-Pygmy Cories, 4-Red Wag Platys, 6-X-ray Tetras 1-Scissor tail guppy.

    My tank
    120 Gallon
    soon- 1 Florida Atlantic stingray.

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    Lettuce trick will work, as will more assassins.

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    You could try a snail trap. There is an easy diy version that is made out of a plastic water bottle.

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    I'd get more assassins, 5 or 6 more....They'll take care of the problem.
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    Throw in more assassin snails or do the lettuce trick. Pick them out by hand during water changes. It'll take a while but you'll get a handle on it. Any new plants you buy wash them very well before putting them in your tank. This will help reduce the chance of more snails. You can alternatively soak the plants in a solution of 90% water and 10% bleach (unscented). Do not dip the roots of the plant in this! Just dip them in for a few seconds and then wash them off with dechlorinated water.
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    There's ready made snail traps on the market which work well. A bottle trap is also easy. Take a plastic pint sized bottle, rinse well, cut the top off and invert. Punch a few tiny holes to help it sink and spread the smell of the bait. Tie a piece of string to it. Bait with some cooked veg. Put in an hour before lights out and retrieve the next morning.

    Problem with a lettuce leaf is that snails tend to let go when you try to remove it. Not very effective.

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    Have patience. You said you bought the plants today.

    An assassin snail kills to eat, not just to kill. Its going to take him a bit to work his way through the feast on the buffet table, and from the sounds of it at this point you are still adding the snails to the tank, so its more like you are an all-you-can-eat place.

    If you've had snails from earlier and are adding more via plants, then you are probably stocking more meals than your assassin can keep up with at the moment. Once you stop adding more to the collection, he will have time to catch up.

    Aside from not being particularly attractive, they are not harming anything in the tank. Pick out the big ones and the ones you see on cleaning days and just have some patience.

  8. Default

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    Sounds like you have mts - Malaysian trumpet snails. Same thing happened to me. Now both my 30 and 15 gal have a heavy population of snails. Here's the deal: You're never going to get rid of them. Sorry. Best you can do is try to keep the population down in all the ways everyone else has suggested. All of those methods work.

    in the for what it's worth department - much as I dislike seeing them on the glass, I think they actually assist in plant grown and keeping the ecosystem in balance by constantly aerating the soil as they burrow through it. I have no algae issues and very low nitrates. the combo of plants and light are most likely the biggest contributing factors but I do feel the mts are beneficial. Just tossing that out there to put a bit of a positive spin on the situation. :o)
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    It's true. Only drawback with MTS is that they breed well. Apart from that they're an asset to most tanks

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    I went back to the store a few days ago and they had no more Assassin snails. I put a piece of Cucumber in the tank and 24 hours later only 3 snails were on the Cucumber. No other snails touched the Cucumber after that. I squashed about 5 and still see more. Definitely see holes in the leaves.
    Wife's Tank
    20 Gallon tall- heavily planted
    48w T5 light, Excel, iron, Potassium, root tabs
    6-Pygmy Cories, 4-Red Wag Platys, 6-X-ray Tetras 1-Scissor tail guppy.

    My tank
    120 Gallon
    soon- 1 Florida Atlantic stingray.

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