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  1. #81


    1 Not allowed!
    I did find a home for the nic and she is gone. She was starting to get her color (a nice purple) while in her own holding tank, so it made it a little harder to let her go, but I still know I made the right choice as the behavior of the remaining fish has much improved!

    Now, I'm wondering whether I really want the rainbows or not... I should re-phrase that, I want them, but I'm wondering if I need them. I like the idea of their tricuspid teeth to take care of some of the beard algae I'm getting, and I would love the extra color, but my current stock is settling in nicely, and I'd hate to disrupt that. *sigh* and thinking about how big (small) my 75 gallon is, and picturing all the fish that would be in there full grown, I imagine it being pretty cramped. Argh! I don't know what to do!

  2. #82


    0 Not allowed!
    How long has the tank been up and running with fish, and how many are in there now?

    I have a 40B with 60 fish in it, lol...but it's a mature tank that is 4X overfiltered
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  3. #83


    0 Not allowed!
    The tank itself has been running for only a few weeks, but the sump is using filter media that's been around for years. Everything inside the tank (except the large rocks) has been around for about 6 months.

    Right now there's 3 fish. A Firemouth, a Honduran Red Point and a Blue Acara. The footprint is 48x18

  4. #84


    1 Not allowed!
    Yeah, I think I'd let the tank itself mature a bit more before adding more fish...get it to at least a month old
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  5. #85


    0 Not allowed!
    I think letting the tank mature a bit is a good idea. But now I have what I'm pretty sure is blue green algae (cyanobacteria), and I'm not happy about it. It's bright green (and I mean BRIGHT green) and comes off in thin sheets. When I first noticed it formed on the glass it had bubbles in it, and it also forms on the rocks and bogwood. When it gets scraped off it sort of free floats in the water for a while before either settling on the substrate or getting blown around more by a pump.

    I've dealt with cyano before, and I hate it! Hate. It.

    It forms so fast and once it's taken hold I've not been able to get rid of it. First off, is there anything else it could be? If this sounds like cyano, is there anything other than overfeeding that could cause it to form? From previous experience I've learned that it needs un-eaten food to survive, so I've been extra careful not to over-feed, but it's nearly impossible to ensure that ALL the food gets eaten, so I've placed pumps and powerheads in three places around my tank to hopefully encourage debris to move around then float up and go through my sump.

    I had two pumps going previously, then I added a third powerhead last night so there's one in each corner (the powerhead might actually be a UGF that I have just sitting on top of the substrate, it’s a high-flow pump with a long filter intake looking thing that attaches to the top where it draws the water in), and one in the middle blowing down. I feel like I'm grasping at straws though because I've never had success getting rid of this junk. Could I need more aeration? Could the temp be too high (around 80 because it's in my not-very-well-insulated garage)? Anybody have success getting rid of cyano or have any tips or ideas I'd love to hear from you!

  6. #86


    0 Not allowed!
    80 is kinda high, but I don't see how you could deal with it while the tank is in the garage

    How much light does the tank get?...all day?
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  7. #87


    0 Not allowed!
    It does get a lot of light. From about 7:45am to around midnight or 1am typically.

  8. #88


    0 Not allowed!
    Whoa, there's one factor there that'll grow you a TON of algae....

    natural light, tank light? really need to cut back
    Last edited by Slaphppy7; 06-20-2014 at 05:12 PM.
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  9. #89


    0 Not allowed!
    It's not actual algae (despite the name), It's bacteria. I should refresh myself on whether or not cyano needs light as well though, because yea, that is a huge factor if it does.

  10. #90


    1 Not allowed! your fish need a little more shut-eye than they're getting, LOL
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