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    Default Yellow Water after Water change?

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    Hi hi :) First time poster, long time follower of this forum.

    I have a curious problem with my 20gal tank at the moment, but let me start off with some specs:

    Tank: 20gal set up for 3 months- 1x 185g/h internal filter, 1x 15g/h filter came with tank, air pump 3.0L/min
    Deco: med/small gravel, larger smooth stones, various spongebob ornaments, 1 med mopani wood, a few silk plants, 1 bunch twisted val
    Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate: 0/0/0
    pH: around 7.4
    temp: 75F (24 celsius)
    stock: 2 juvi dwarf gourami, 3 guppies, 2 balloon mollies, 4 black widow (skirt) tetra, 6 kuhli loaches, 1 juvi (less than 2 inch) angelfish. (Yes I know I'm a little overstocked at the moment- It'll be explained further in the post)

    Okay so the problem(?) started a few weeks ago when I noticed one of my balloon mollies developed ich. I removed her from the community tank and treated her separately, and upped the temp to about 86F in the community tank to see if any ich would present itself with the other fish. Just over a week later, the balloon molly seemed to recover from ich in the QT but became lethargic and died within the span of 24hrs. I became super vigilant about my community tank and observed each fish like a crazy paranoid lady.. and that's when I discovered a couple tiny little red worms poking out the rear of one of my kuhli loaches. After finding a diagnosis of camallanus worms, I went out and bought some levamisole hydrochloride and dosed the tank (at which point, I also had the angelfish and tetras in another QT waiting for my 6ft tank to cycle- I thought i'd add them to the tank to treat as well since I had been using the same net- learned my lesson!)

    Anywho- I dosed the tank, waited for 24 hrs then did a 80% water change and a thorough gravel vac. I used "aquatopia water safe" dechlorinator when adding water to the tank. I noticed that the tank was cloudy (with white cottony growths on the mopani wood) but the fishies seemed to like nibbling on the algae/fungus(?) so I left it and added some "blue planet water clear" to get rid of some of that cloudiness. That worked well. 10 days later, there have been no signs of worms, but I went through and did the second dose of levamisole anyway. Went through the exact same process as previously EXCEPT, 12 hours after the water change, I noticed my tank water was yellow. Like... really yellow. Turning on the tank light seemed to make it worse over the course of a few hours. I thought it might be an algae bloom, but the water isn't cloudy.


    I'm planning on doing a partial water change, but what could possibly have caused the water to turn so yellow 12 hours after a water change? Is it dangerous to the fish? How much water water should I change?

    Sorry for the flood of info!

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    I assume the mopani is relatively new if it's got the algae/fungus on it, which is harmless, my best guess would be tannins leaching into your water from it.

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    Thanks for your reply Andrews

    The mopani's about 2-3 months old. I soaked it for a couple days before adding to the tank to get rid of most of the tannins. It still leaches but I find that the water only turns slightly yellow after a week of not changing it... Do you think that the mopani may have reacted with the medication or some other chem I added to the water?

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    I wouldn't know about reacting it reacting with the meds, someone else may be able to weigh in. I only brought it up because I have two pieces in one of my tanks, and didn't see any of the white growth until after a month or so, which to my best guess means it took that long to get fully saturated, given how dense it is. Mine released hardly any tannins at all until roughly 2 months of being in the tank, and until recently it would take twenty four to forty eight hours before I noticed a slight tint, granted I keep my tanks enormously over filtered. That your water turned yellow-ish after only twelve strikes me as odd, I'm curious to find out what caused it.

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    This little rhyme may help you with your future tank endeavors:

    The Solution to Pollution is Dilution.

    If you have a problem with something in the water, the best option is to water change and dilute it out.

    Unfortunately, I didn't find what was in the Blue Planet Crystal Clear readily available, but one page did say it bind to larger particles to weight them down to the bottom of the tank. So my thought is that it did bind to some other particles in the tank which are still suspended in the water. This may be the medication which you were attempting to treat the tank with, or it may be something else like the particles that we see as tannins, making them darker.

    Going forward... I'd water change until it looks like normal water. Then only add what you need to (dechlor and meds when needed). Especially when using medications, you don't want to add additional chemicals that may alter the way the medication and how it works.

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    Did you have carbon in the filter prior to the treatments? If that is now removed you will notice the tannin from the wood now as the carbon would have helped mop that up previously. I have been soaking a new piece of wood outside of my tank for 3 weeks now and it is still leeching a lot of colour. It is not a big piece and I have boiled it up several times now to hurry the process up a bit. I will put it in the tank soon though with a new carbon filter pad to keep the tank relatively normal colour.

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