I am setting up an 80g CA cichlid tank that will for sure house a male Firemouth and female Honduran Red Point (I already have these fish). I want a total of 4 or 5 medium sized cichlids when all is said and done, and i want this tank to be their permanent home (no upgrading). It has a 10 gallon sump and will be scaped with rocks and bogwood providing plenty of caves. Here's my desired (new) fish:

-Female Nicuragua "Macaw" cichlid
-Thoricthys ellioti
- " " " " aureus "blue flash"
- " " " " helleri "yellow cichlid"
-Herotilapia multispinosa "rainbow cichlid"
-Blue Acara

Before introducing a couple of the fish above, I also am considering introducing a number of female FM's to hopefully create a mated pair for my male, (I'll return the remaining females) then I'll add one or two of the above for a total of 4 or 5 cichlids.

Bad idea, good idea, changes, thoughts?