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  1. Exclamation Massive Bacterial bloom, wtf?

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    Okay. so I had my battle with ich that my previous post went into detail about. Today was day 4 with no new white spots on the fishes, so I went ahead and did the WC that I had postponed (by 2 days) I slowly started lowering the temp in the tank this morning, leading up to the wc, and then did my usual 25% wc.. everything seemed fine. I added extra stress coat & stress zyme... There is still salt in the water since I haven't done a full wc, but less. Only just in the last 2 hours has the water gotten cloudy.. and alarmingly increasingly so over the short time.

    I know this usually means a bacterial bloom in the tank and that I should do another water change asap. But I can't. I have work early in the morrow, and I've GOT to go to bed. I will have to wait until after work tomorrow to do one.

    After all that struggle over the past few weeks with ich, I did not have a fish die during treatment, but now just lost one tetra to this bacterial bloom.

    I don't understand. Why now?? This tank has been set up for 2 years. The water is mature. I will get the occasional, very mild, cloudy water after doing a water change, and it usually goes away within an hour or so.. this.. is not. It has *never* been this bad.

    Why would this happen now, and what can I do to help the situation in the meantime, while I am at work tomorrow before I can do another wc???

    Thanks again everyone!

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    just did another 25% wc cuz I knew I would not be able to sleep otherwise. Now im frantic with lack of confidence regarding issues of should I add more stress zyme & stress coat, or leave them out of it... sigh. EFF! any sage words of wisdom would be grand. I''ve never dealt with something like this before. My aquarium is usually pretty clean & well maintained. While I was treating for ich I fed lightly, and fasted them one day, as I usually would.. i really dont understand why bacteria would be so out of control all of the sudden.

    okay. off to try and sleep. will post with update in the morning.. in the meantime.. please help. Thank you!!

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    also, filter is working fine.

  4. #4


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    Not sure whats going on. I would assume that all the changes that have happened have caused something to go out of balance. I would continue doing some smaller water changes and the temp where you want. Sometimes it seems it just takes time for the tank to even itself out. Maybe try running some higher quality carbon for a day or two, usually that will clear water up. I wouldn't run it all the time though. Sorry that I have no definitive answer for you. Keep checking your water parameters, keep the Nitrates down and the water clean. Maybe try leaving the stress zyme out, as long as you have a good dechlor like Seachem Prime you shoud be fine as far as that goes. Perhaps it has something to do with your tap hardness/ph. Anyways, good luck, keep doing water changes equal to the amount of salt you put in so you can remove it.

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    Just out of curiousity (I have not read your other posts concerning ich) did you clean your filter out or change any media? Did you use any medication that could have killed bacteria? All else being equal, bacteria bloom usually means that something was altered in your tank.

    in any case, so long as all your ammonia levels are fine (I note that you only gave nitrate levels, all of them should be tested after treating illness or a bloom occurs) all you can do is continue with a good maintenance regime.
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    things are still a lil cloudy in there right now, but seems to be settling. I need to do a water test, didnt even do one, just knew it needed action! I have to dash to get to work ontime today, let myself sleep in a lil cause of how late I was up. If I get a chance, will do water tests before leaving, otherwise its gotta wait til after work. No medications, just heat and salt. The other two times ive had ich in this tank I treated it the same way and never had anything like this happen. Okay, gotta rush out.. thanks for the helpful suggestions! Will probs do another wc tonite depending on how things look and what my water readings are.


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    Knowing the water parameters will certainly help to figure out what may be going on here. Good call on a extra few waters changes in the mean time. If you can, change a little more water tho, closer to 50% would be more impactful as compared to 25%.

    Have you cleaned or changes any of your filter media recently ?
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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