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    Default Afraid of the camera

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    Hello everyone :)

    This started when I was trying to take pictures for a biology project. I had my Fujifilm camera out and ready to go. Well, I had the perfect picture of my marble angelfish and so I snapped it. The thing is, I didn't realize the flash would go off until it was too late. RIGHT close up in his eye. I must have really spooked him because he darted around for a minute until he calmed down. I made sure his eyesight was okay, then left them alone for a bit. Before this, he would stay and check out my camera, not really moving around much. Now, he gets upset and swims around quickly so I can't get a good picture (my shutter speed on both phones&camera is extremely slow). The other angelfish don't mind pictures, and I have tried feeding them while taking pictures so he would learn to tolerate the camera. Well, months later, and he still gets miffed at me when the camera is out.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    This is what I end up with:

    (more often than not. I've come to the conclusion that he does this on purpose!)



    Thank you!
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    You could try taking pics at feeding time or using a timer to take them when your not in the room.

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    I have a Gourami that i the same way. Well I take that back, she's a big fat coward all the time!! I can't even walk in the room without her hiding. I think that is a good suggestion from aquariumlover. About setting up the camera and leaving the room. Instead of relying on a timer, maybe just leave it there for a few days, if he gets used to it being there you might be able to take his picture without him knowing. bwahahaha
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    Oooo sounds like a good idea. I'll try :D thanks

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    Try to disable the flash once. You need more light but Photo Shop can brighten it up. My problem is reflections off the glass even taken on a angle. Floaters and bubbles are another one stuff you can't see till you look at the picture.

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