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    Default GBR died...what to do.

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    So we just came home from a weekend away and found our male GBR was dead. We aren't really sure what happened. We are now trying to decide what to do. Should we get another male or will a second female work out ok? We have zero interest in breeding them. Does anyone have experience with two females? Thoughts? Advice? Thanks. Poor Peter, may he rest in peace.
    40 gallon FW -1 male halfmoon betta named Max, 2 GBR's (Peter and Lois) who better clean up their act, 11neon tetras (damn GBR's killed one), 12 black neon tetras, 2 assassin snails, and 1 albino BN pleco named Tiberius.

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    Lol, I had a dwarf gourami named Peter once.
    What are your tankmates? If he was in with other male GBRs or aggressive fishes, he could have been bullied.
    What is your pH? GBRs survive at lower pH's, and it could just be simply that his life span was shortened by the osmotic stress that was caused by adapting to the pH. If this is the case, then it might be your best interest to choose a fish more suited to your pH level.
    Where did you get him? If you got him at a chain store, he may have just been the result of some inbreeding and poor care early on, and was genetically doomed to die early from the start at no fault of yours.
    Considering your tank params are ok, like nitrates and the like, 2 females should be fine together. Sorry for your loss :(
    Tanks: 30 gal community and 10 gal shrimp/community
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    To be very honest I have seen enough accounts of blue rams randomly dying in otherwise habitable tanks to convince me that there just seems to be a general species frailty in play. Whether that is due to them being inherently sensitive to harder water/low temperatures or due to bad breeding/rearing practices I don't know. Maybe instead of just adding them to random community tanks like before aquarists need to start treating them like pampered discus.
    Oh well, I feel reaffirmed in choosing bolivian rams over blue rams a year ago (a choice I never once regretted anyways).

  4. Default

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    I agree with both Greentoads41 and Madagascariensis here.

    I have personal experience of having the GBR's as the main inhabits with parameters and decor catered to them in my GBR tank whereas my father has them as part of a community where the parameters are tried to be matched to try to cover all the inhabitants, but does not provide those specifically for GBR's.

    My GBR tank has very low ph (>6 ) and is very soft (gh 6, Kh0) with a few dither fish (harlequin rasboras and 1 featherfin rainbow which I am trying to rehome) as the only other inhabitants. The GBR's are extremely colourful and active with any diseases such as whitespot being solved within 1 or 2 days of any dose.

    Contrast this with my father's tank, which has a ph of 7.5 and water leaning towards the hard side (gh 9 and kh 3), although his GBR are doing ok, they are not as colourful nor active as mine. Neither do they shake of illness as well as mine. Recently both our tank had a whitespot problem at the same time due to cross contamination. We used the same medication and my tank showed no spots within 2 days whilst his tank still has a small number remaining after 2-3 weeks.

    Another noticeable difference is that my pair has spawned many times (10+) in a short amount of time, whereas his pair have only spawned once.

    I believe GBR's can do well in a wider community tank but for the to thrive and show their best colouration and natural behaviour, they really need to be treated as the main fish with everything tailored to them.
    • 50 Gallon Black Water Asian Project: 15 x Sparkling Gourami, 16 x Kuhli Loaches and 45 Chili Rasbora

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    He is in a community tank with the fish in my signature. The PH at our house is the same as the LFS he was raised at. We have had him for about a month with no issues. Water parameters are good. The LFS does not allow artificial hormones or coloring. We added new plants about a week ago and he has seemed a little stressed since then. We went out of town for a few days this weekend and we think the feeder messed up. Could he have starved that fast? When I did the water change tonight I found one of my neon Tetras dead as well. The hubby thinks that they both starved and I just didn't find the second one last night until I moved the plants around to clean and dislodged him. If that is the case I feel horrible.
    40 gallon FW -1 male halfmoon betta named Max, 2 GBR's (Peter and Lois) who better clean up their act, 11neon tetras (damn GBR's killed one), 12 black neon tetras, 2 assassin snails, and 1 albino BN pleco named Tiberius.

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    I seem to recall you being the one to encourage me to go with the Honduran Red Point mix when I was considering a HRP to go with my Firemouth a few months ago, Sandz. I got the HRP and I couldn't be happier with her! They bicker back and forth but nobody does any substantial damage to the other, and they have their distinct territories.

    So am I to understand that perhaps the geo won't be seen as a threat because maybe they are not as territorial as either the HRP and FM? Or is it more that they look different enough?

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    We bought 2 gold and 2 blue German Rams may be 4 months ago and all of them have passed. In my other tank we have 2 Bolivian Rams left from 4. I guess yes they are more sensitive to water conditions. They are neat little fish. I found the BR more shy than the Germans which is opposite of what I heard. I might give them another try down the road.
    Owner of:

    - 60 gal fresh water aquarium
    4 Bristlenose Plecos, 8 various Corys, 5 female bettas.

    Proud parent of a female Havanese named Coco, borned March 18, 2014

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