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Thread: Angel fish

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    Default Angel fish

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    Hey! So I just moved and am finally setting up my big fish tank! I've had it for almost 2 years but my boyfriend (now husband) and I decided to wait to set it up till we bought a house. That way we wouldn't have to move it. We moved a couple months ago and I finally got him on a day he felt strong to call friends to bring it in! I've had tanks for years but downgraded everything before the move. I now only have a 20 tall with a few guppies and 5 red skirt tetras. I'm filling my 110 today. I'm putting as much of the water from the 20 and the filter cartridge into the 110 to cycle. Plus the 5 tetras and the rock. I'll cycle with that. N leave the 20 going as a quarantine for when I start getting fish to add. What fish would be good with angels in a tank that size? I love red skirts so I'm thinking of getting 5 more so they have a big school. I know they can nip fins but I haven't had problems with that before. I also like sword tails so I'll probably get a bunch of them. 7-8 females n a couple males. I'm not to worried about them taking over in breeding since I imagine all the other fish in tank will eat most of the fry. What are some good options? Never had a tank this big before. I want a variety of big schools. I dont mind if some fish are a stand alone for variety. I'm pretty much open. And how many angels? I want everything to center around then. I'm thinking of posting this in community tank too but was uncertain since angels are cichlids. Thanks! :-)
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    There is nothing in the 20g tank water that would be beneficial to the 110g. The waste produced from 5 red skirt tetra will hardly make a dent in 100+ gallons to get the tank cycled. The filter media will help, but again I don't think there will be enough to fully cycle a 110g. Why not put the filter media in the new tanks filter and cycle with ammonia?

    As for the fish, I would add 7-10 more red skirts, the larger the group, the less likely they will be nippy. Personally, I would add another large group of tetra or rasbora, a big group of kuhli loaches and if you plant the tank well, 3 angels.

    If you want to cycle the tank with fish, move the 5 red skirts over and buy the rest of the group and wait for the ammonia and nitrite to read 0ppm. Then add another group of fish, either tetra or rasbora and wait again for the ammonia and nitrite to drop to 0ppm. Then the kuhlis again waiting, and the angels last.

    When adding more than one angel to a tank it is important to buy them at the same time and get them as young as possible.

    If you cycle the tank using bottled ammonia, once the readings are 0ppm for ammonia and nitrite and there are nitrates present, you can add all the most of the fish at the same time. Save the angels for last because they can be very aggressive and you want the other fish to find their safe spots before you add the angels.
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    +1 to above.

    Any fish you add should be tall enough not to fit in a full-grown angel's mouth. No neons or similar.

    I'd get a school of cories instead of kuhlis, but that's personal preference. You could also get some dwarf cichlids for the bottom level if you have caves/hiding spots.
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