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    You are paying the trainer for a reason...your parents should listen to her. I also did not like the idea of crating initially but wound up using it and the soiling of the home decreased by half the first day. I understand your desire to have another dog...I would personally LOVE to have a 2nd canine and have my heart set on a Presa Canario or Cane Corso in the future; however my current dog is still young and is still battling separation anxiety. Thus it is just not a good time. In your case either as your current dog still soils the home, isnt spayed, and still has some training to work on. When she is the dog you want her to be...then it may be a good time to think of expanding your pet family. It is not fair to your current dog nor a potential new dog to be thrown into this situation.

    The diet aspect is something that a lot of people neglect a little when having pets...they assume grocery store pet food is going to be awesome for their animal because a commercial says so. This is honestly very far from the truth as the food you are giving her is loaded full of preservatives, fillers such as grains and by products, as well as dye. Switch her onto a more nutritionally complete, natural, grain free diet and you will see a dramatic difference in her coat and energy.
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    Well what would you recommend feeding her, she has a weak stomach and cant keep most foods down. Ans she alredy knows a lot the obedience is more for me because i love working with her. And you know sometimes adding a second dog to the family can help a dog suffering from separation anxiety because he will have a companion.

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    Talk to your vet about this and get your dog checked out. This could be anything from mild food allergies or something a whole lot more serious. Please don't let this go on for much longer. Not being able to keep most foods down is not something you can ignore.

    Your vet should be able to have a pretty good idea the of causes for and be able to recommend you a better suited dog food for your dog's needs and maybe even a treatment plan.

    You have also got a lot of great advice in this thread already. I would suggest giving it another read and even more thought.

    You might also want to look into the separation problems and research that a little. This is more of a problem went the dog is separated from the pack leader. Having another dog around may help, but it will not fix the problem as a lack of other dogs did not result in this behavior.
    Last edited by Cliff; 04-23-2014 at 10:47 PM.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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    I understand the separation and only some dogs?owners find it helpful to have another dog. her old owner took her to the vet about it and told us the vet said it wasn't a big deal. But we will check with our vet. And your right there is a whole lot of good advise here.

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    Researched the heck out of Malamute's before we got ours 5 years ago. Not just online, but with folks who owned em as well as the generic pap on the inet. Lazy, willful and disobedient was and is perfect for our family. We love our Crash to death! What's amazing is as lazy as he is (can sleep 18 hours) they don't lose their power and can go for hours non stop if he thinks it's fun....
    Life is tough, it's even tougher if you're stupid (John Wayne)
    If you're not angry, you are not paying attention (Ralph Nader)
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    Separation anxiety is a complex issue which can be from many things ranging from a chemical imbalance in the brain to simple boredom and poor training. A lot of dogs especially "velcro" breeds experience this due to over attachment to the owner which can usually be remedied with medication and training. It is also much more common with a dog with separation anxiety to not be helped by adding a 2nd dog but to also make the new dog anxious.

    Do get her observed and tested by the vet for food allergies and intestinal issues which may be causing her problems. There are tons of awesome limited ingredient foods which you may find to be good for her, Blue Buffalo Freedom is an excellent food. Going on a RAW program or a home cooked diet may also be a good choice for her.
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    OK and she hasn't used the bathroom on the floor in a few days now. i put a pad in the room she normally does her business in even though shes not supposed to and she hasn't gone in the room after that but she has gone on the pads in the rooms she is supposed to go in.

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    Noticed MCH on food, Origins is another top choice with no cereal, glucose or other crap they don't need or benefit from. Crash gets the the 7 Fish type as that's what's formulated and needed by Mals.
    Life is tough, it's even tougher if you're stupid (John Wayne)
    If you're not angry, you are not paying attention (Ralph Nader)
    9 Tanks (2-29G QT) ranging from 150G to 10G for my 1/2 moon Beta

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    So a weird thing happened tonight. I was sitting on the couch and Olivia gave him a kiss (not the weird part) after that Olivia wouldn't give me a kiss and he said its because im her favorite ( we are both her favorite). he then said do you love me olivia and i said yes and she nodded ( i taught her to nod when i say yes). I then said N/a ( im not including the name of the dog) would love you to. And he started going on and on about what he would do for the rat terrier and how cute he was and the he liked him. my mom then gave him "the eyes" and then he added but where not getting him. So i think my dad likes him at least normally its my dad saying no to other animals.

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