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  1. Default your GOOD experience with dogs

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    So first let me give you the list of pets we have. 4 cats, 4 chickens, 3 turtles, 1 hedgehog, 1 3 yr chihuahua, fish lots of fish and 3 crabs. I really want another dog, a male rat terrier mix that's a few hours away. He is at a shelter and his story is so tragic. I have fallen in love with this dude and want him as my own.My chihuahua is good with small male dogs and can tolerate female dogs as long as there not on her turf. She lived with a male Yorkie at her old home and was fine with him.The only problem is mt parents don't want another dog. My dad loves the little guy to but docent think we need another dog and i talked to my mom about it and she says its because we haven't had good experiences with our 2 dogs. the first was an Australian Shepard and she started to become aggressive with her herding towards me and my bro so we found her a new home on a farm with another dog and animals. The one we have now is "aggressive" to cats only if the run from her or she is on the couch first. But i have fixed that; now when she starts chasing them i say 'leave it' and she dose. And if one wants to get up on the couch i take her off let the cat up and then her back up and she will curl up and go to sleep with the cat. She also was "house trained" when we got her but shes not, but she is i,proving slowly she now hits the pad or the green grass like carpet, or stand on the pad and hit the floor. If someone could please give me your dog experiences or info that will make my parents see dogs aren't that bad. i do do class with our current dog and shes getting spayed soon. Even better would be story's that will make my parents see 2 dogs are better than 1.
    P.s. they love all my other pets they thought they would hate and my birthdays coming up.

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    I would like to make a suggestion to take a little bit of a different approach here

    It is very easy to meet a dog, learn about it’s story, and fall in love with the little guy. However, just like fish, not all dogs are the same. Some are very high energy while others are as lazy as the day is long. Some are very independent while others want to be at your side next to you as much as possible. Some are very protective while others are not. I could go on all night here but I’m sure you get my point.

    If you want to build a case to get (or not get) this dog, try to understand the predominant breed(s) in him and relate the treats of that breed(s) to your life style that of your family. If there seems to be no match, the dog would be a lot happier in another family that would be a better fit for his/her personality traits.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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    I agree with what cliff says, sometimes you need to look at yourself when it comes to seeing how a dog would fit in

    I've almost done a few rescues, but chose not to because I know my current dog would be heart broken thinking we were replacing her

    Personally if you really want that dog make sure it gets along with the family and your current pets before you commit to it...

  4. Default

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    Thank you guys, that's where I went wrong with the shepard. I guess I was to into the looks of the breed to relize the defects. But I have done my breed looking up for this guy and my chihuahua. For instance we wanted a lazy dog after the shepard so we got our chihuahua olivia and we went and meet her and everything. But my parents now want to go on runs and stuff and our little chi is not so good for that. But both rat terriers and dachshunds( that's what he is) are active dogs that like running, witout as much activity needed as a herding dog. And they also rat terriers are very smart and trainable so it will be fun to do that kind of work with him. They are also nature lovong outdoor dogs like my family. And of course we would have it meet us and our other dog before we adopt it.

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    Another thing to consider is pets with a horrible past often have behavioral issues which may or may not go away with time and positive training. You should be prepared to also cope with that possibility, along with possible issues between your current pets and the new one. There is no guarantee adult animals will readily live together in harmony.
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    I undersand this, but he lives in a foster home with other pet and has has behaveral test done. He is shy but that seems to be his only problem.and he has nt had a very bad past his story just touched me. He spent most of his life so far in a crate but was not abused. But there is something special about him.

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    If you want to show how good this new dog will be... keep working on the issues you have with your current dog.

    I am going to be very honest and frank with you, and its just based on the rather limited information I have seen. This thread kind of feels like a "Grass is Greener" kind of expectation you have going on with the idea of this new god. Instead of giving your all to your current pets and situation, you are looking to this other dog with idealistic eyes that this dog is somehow going to be this perfect ideal situation. Life rarely works in ideals, and it will be work to make it work. The best way to show you can work on the work part of it, is to work on the work part of what you have now.

    Maybe I'm old and out of touch here, but you talked of a dog that is still piddling on the floor. You claim to want to be active and want a more active dog, so why are you not teaching/taking your current dog out? do you have a potty schedule and this is between times, or am I missing something here?

    You mentioned getting her spayed. I'm curious what the delay is in getting a 3 yr old dog spayed? You talk about wanting to get a male dog with an unspayed female in the house.... is the male dog you are looking to get already neutered?

    What does your schedule with Olivia look like now? How does that change by adding a new dog?

  8. Default

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    Well Olivia is not spayed because she has not been our for her whole life. She was gotten last September from a person who's other dog tried to kill her (a female larger dog). She was originally going to be bred by her other family this year but now she is with us and we are going to get her spayed soon. This other dog is neutered as the shelter will not adopt out a dog that is not. Olivia's scheduled is nor very complex and i have worked very had with her on the potty problem. When we first got her she was supposed to be paper trained but was not. Now she hits her pad 80-90 percent of the time and does go outside.
    wake up at around 7:10 and be let out of my room, from there she goes downstairs and uses all 3 pads( she is given cheerios for hitting the pad, that's her favorite treat.), i then feed her her mighty dog wet food, after that she now walks to school with us in the morning (about a mile away) and my parents take her home( today walking to school we meet a rat terrier and a french bulldog), once at home she goes to sleep on the couch and my parents leave for work, my dad gets home at noon gives her dry lunch ( kibbles n' bites) and picks up which ever pads are dirty and sometimes cleans the floor up, her then leaves for work again and she goes to sleep, i get home at 3ish and take her outside and play with her ( fetch, my friend brings her golden over and they play, she and i go on a walk down town, or we just "run" around in our yard.), we then come in and she sleeps on my lap while i do homework, after that its around 6pm ans she will get some more mighty dog, she then comes out to put the chickens to bed with me, after that we typical watch some TV will her going to the bathroom sometime after that,at 9 we go up to bed and she curls up under the covers and sleeps. There are 4 pads in my room but normally she doesn't go. She also will not use the bathroom in our yard but will pee multiple times on walks and poo once. She does do classes on some days.

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    If you have had the dog since Sept. there has been no excuse to not have her spayed by now. I could understand a few months but it has been 7. Also IMO/IME it is very difficult to house train a dog when you still allow it to do its business inside the house. I have known many people with small dogs who attempt to house break them with a pee pad...the dog will then proceed to pee all over rugs, clothing, etc in the floor because it is hard for them to understand the difference. Train the dog to go outside the home...treat the home as the "den" area as dogs naturally will not soil the den. It may be easy to confine her to a crate(works wonders) or small room during the times you are not home. There is no reason why an adult dog cannot hold its waste 4-5 hours at a time...

    Also instead of focusing on the expense of another dog...focus on making the dog you have into a model pet with training, vet care, and improving her diet. Sometimes less really is more.....
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  10. Default

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    She is going to the vet this month and we are going to talk to them about spaying her. We have had a foot of snow on the grown for most of the time we have had her and she is now being takin out side to do her business. My parents believe it is not right to crate her although thats what her trainer has recomened and thats what i think we should do. Also whats wrong with her diet thats hat her old owner feed her and almost anything else see will trow up with in 5 minites of eating it. And she dose do obedience with a dog trainer.

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