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    Default Can the Dwarf Chain Loach and the Sterbai Cory be tankmates?

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    Can I stock these 2 schools together?

    In planning my next inhabitants (which are nearly 2 weeks off, as yet) and Id like to put my idea out there to others with more experience. Please share any thoughts you may have regarding my plan.

    I have a 40 gal breeder, a few live plants and lots of hiding places (in both rocks and driftwood) on the ground floor. Tank mates: 3 male Platys and 19 Neon Tetras. Substrate is PFS, in the fine gravel grade (I think it is called that, anyhow).

    I am looking at the Dwarf Chain Loach and the Sterbai Cory. I would stock 6 of each type. Id add one complete school at a time, waiting around 2 weeks between additions. Id like to have both, if possible but will choose one over the other if I need to.

    I would also appreciate hearing advice/thoughts on if my substrate will be alright with each of these species. The (fancy) LFS manager says yes this is a good plan (to both questions), and I am now seeking a second opinion from yall. I dont want to hurt the Corys barbels, nor the loachs underbelly.

    Thank you for your time and opinion.

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    You substrate will work perfectly for both species. I can't tell you if they are compatible. I've read a lot of debate on the subject. Though I think the conflict comes in to play when you have larger loaches with cories. Maybe the little chains wouldn't be so bad. Some say that they'll go together no problem, others say to avoid like the plague. But again, I think the debate centers around larger loaches.
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    I would never risk waking up one morning to a poor eyeless cory(or more).
    The difference in aggression between loaches and cories is a big. while dwarf chain loaches are said to be more docile than their larger bethren, When I researched the species a while ago I came across multiple reports that suggest that they can occasionally act up to a more typical botiine behavior.

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    substrate should be okay. Barbels on corys are destroyed by bad water quality rather then rough surfaces.
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    Not entirely. Rough surface doesn't help either. PFS is pool filter sand? That should be perfectly fine.

    I woulnd't mix cories and loaches either

  6. Default

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    I agree : don't mix.
    No Cory, No Glory !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by madagascariensis View Post
    I would never risk waking up one morning to a poor eyeless cory(or more).
    The difference in aggression between loaches and cories is a big. while dwarf chain loaches are said to be more docile than their larger bethren, When I researched the species a while ago I came across multiple reports that suggest that they can occasionally act up to a more typical botiine behavior.
    Dwarf Chains do exhibit the regular Botia loach behavior, but they don't do nearly as much damage as zebras, yo-yos, or especially angelicus Botia.

    I honestly don't see why many people instantly assume that Botia loaches are aggressive, though. Given a proper territory, diet, and water conditions, they will usually mind their own business given a good tank size as well. A 40 gallon is rather risky, though. I would recommend 55 gallon+ to anybody who would try this. I've seen people keep these with panda Corys successfully, but that is always a risk as well. I'm soon going to see how Amanos(that are mature adults) work out with Dwarf Chains soon, and I'm willing to take the risk because I have many plants, caves, and rocks.

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    I agree with with faded, as I keep a breeding group of aeneus cories with big clown loaches (4"+) and I also keep them with zebra and horseface loaches. I have never had a problem mixing the two, and I have kept or keeping almost every type of loach.

    I think that the sterbai get to large to keep in a 40, but going with a smaller cory is better, like a panda or aeneus and then have the dwarf chain loaches in.

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    I disagree on a 40 being too small for C. sterbai. They don't get that big. 2.6" max and they have plenty of room to rustle about. Give them plenty of cover and they'll be fine. I have 12 in a 40 and they've done perfectly fine. Great coloring, long barbels, boisterous activity and plump.

    As far as compatibility, I have done some research on these, as well. Would love a school of the Dwarf Chain Loach. They should be fine. They're not very aggressive, but they're definitely quite active, especially in greater numbers. If I were you, however, I'd stock one big school of one or the other. You'll gain more activity from the school if you do.
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    I have 6 sterbai in my 40B, and mine are doing as fine as Kev's, I've considered adding a few more of a different cory as well
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