Hi, I recently bought some golden rams. I added them to my community tank but they were being bullied by the other rams and also I noticed that they wouldn't leave each other alone for second. I was going to put them in my brothers tank but I thought I'd try breeding them instead as I tried before with german blues but they ate the eggs and didn't spawn again sadly. I knew they were male and female and the male has a bright red face and the female has pink belly. So I put them into a tank that I was trying but not succeeding to breed appistogramma nijissenis in and put the nijissenis into my community tank. The day after that I noticed in the evening that they had spawned already! On the second day of them being in that tank! And the eggs are a kind of orange colour. Does that mean they're fertilised or unfertilised?
What I really want to know is:

1. As it's there first time could it still be successful?

2. Should I separate the parents from the eggs incase they eat them? Or do they need to stay with them and do whatever they do with eggs to help them survive.

3. Water changes?

4. How long would it take for the eggs to hatch if they are fertilised?

Thank you, I know it's very unlikely for it work on their first go but I need to know for future spawn anyway.