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  1. Default Day 47 Fishless cycle ammonia long story please help

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    Hi all, I have a 10 gallon tank that purchased in September and put fish in after waiting 24 hours like I was told by the petsmart guy. Slowly all my fish started to die, the fish guy at Petland tested the water and the ammonia was over 8 pmm and the ph was sky high. He gave me various products and alas to no avail. All of the fish died. I began to read forums and found information on cycling so on March 1st I began a fishless cycle with ammonia, bubble wand and some seeding material from an established tank. Have never added additional ammonia because the instructions said wait until the ammonia drops to 1pmm as of day 43 this has not occurred. I posted on Fishlore and some one suggested I do pwc until water ammonia is .25 and then add atm colony. As of today the water is at 1ppm but when I went to look on fishlore the site is gone. I am unsure as to what to do at this point. Please help.


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    I would not trust bacteria-in-bottle products.

    I am surprised that you added some media from a mature tank and didn't get any results. I would recommend adding some more media and seeing what happens.

    Increasing the temperature of the tank, as well as oxygenation would also help the cycling process.

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    What are you testing with? Strips of liquid test kit? If you are using strips, that could potentially be your problem. Those things are so unreliable.
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    You said the ammonia was originally over 8ppm. With ammonia off the charts it is possible there was enough in there to kill bacteria instead of feed it. So basically, the beginning of your cycle didn't count. What is the pH now? The nitrifying bacteria grows very slow with "sky high" pH. Nitrosomonos (bacteria that converts ammonia to nitrite) grows best between 7.8pH - 8.0 pH and nitrobacter (bacteria that converts nitrite to nitrate) grows best between 7.3pH - 7.5pH, anything over or under these levels will slow down growth.

    Now is when you need to wait and have some patience. Patience is the hardest part of this hobby but one of the most beneficial. Make sure the temperature of the water is between 77 and 86 degrees, keep the air stone running, and wait for the ammonia to go completely to 0ppm before adding more.
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    Just to get a clearer picture of this tank and your steps, at the time all of your fish had died, your ammonia was at 8, you had dosed various products you were given, and then you began to research. What did you do with the tank at that time? Did you clean it out and start over? What about the original filter media - did you replace that entirely with the seeded media or add to it? When you added the ammonia, what level did you dose up to? What are you using to test your parameters - strips or liquid test kit?

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    When the first fish my Patty Platy died I went to the pet land with the water and thats is when it tested 8ppm. For about three weeks and trying the ammo lock and the salt the water would fluctuate and fish would die one by one. It was very disheartening. When the last fish Nat the shark died I cleaned out the tank and was going to give up. I came across a site that said I should have done fishless cycle so I decided to give it a try. I brought the API master test kit, got a bubble wand and the guy at petland gave me a piece of his filter and some of his water. At the onset the water out the faucet tested 8ppm so I had to do a few water changes to get it to 0ppm then I added the ammonia and it went to 4ppm. Now as of today the water is Ammonia 1ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrite 0ppm ph 6ppm, the water is at 88 degrees, I cant adjust my heater it only has two settings high and low.
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    What kind of water conditioner (dechlorinator) are you using?
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    API Stress coat

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    Did I read this correctly "water out of your tap tested at 8 ppm ammonia"?

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    yes someone suggested I test the water to see how high it was and that is what it tested. I questioned whether the water is safe for us :ssuprised

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