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    Apr 2014

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    Default Thin (6") long windowsill tank idea. Bad idea?

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    I've been wanting to do a planted natural light aquarium for a while, and have kind of a wonky idea, but I don't know if its good for the fish?

    The location:
    I'm in Victoria, BC, Canada so the outside temperatures are pretty moderate (might be below zero for a couple weeks in the winter, and tops out at ~25 degrees in the summer (and is typically cooler than that).
    The windowsill I'm looking at is east facing, but has a garage 6 feet away, so it will get very little to no direct sunlight, double pane windows, and it's in a basement suite so it's pretty temperature stable at 20-22 degrees.

    The dimensions (wanting to fill the window sill):
    The window sill is pretty narrow, so I'm thinking about cutting my own glass and making the aquarium (used to work as a glazier).
    I'm looking at about 36 inches long, 6 inches wide, and about 10 inches tall (ends up at about 7.5 gallons). Are there any fish that this would be OK for? (I don't know how fish feel about a tight turning radius?) I'm thinking hardy small schooling guys (white cloud minnows or black tetras) or maybe a betta (would prefer smaller more active guys though). I want to do low tech natural planting (java moss/ferns).

    It has the option to be either heated or unheated, and I can tint the window and do a reflective tint on the back side of the aquarium to cut down the light/heat it gets.

    Am I totally out to lunch on this or is it a viable option that fish would be happy in?
    Another wonky idea I had is to set it up with a bit of current potentially since white cloud minnows are a river fish, but I don't know that this one would be wide enough to give them calm areas to rest.

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    I have a couple of opinions on this.

    Firstly if done well it would look quite nice but I would be very worried about the following:

    1- With it being on a windowsill, even with only minimal sunlight it might cause algae issues
    2- Again with it being next to a windowsill, I would be worried about temperature fluctuations
    3- IMO 6 inches width is too small even for the smallest fish.

    However these dimensions would be fine for a shrimp tank.

    Also if you up for experimenting and doing a lot of research to do it, you could do a nice Walstad set up since this would get rid of the sunlight issue and would be extremely low maintenance.
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    Couple of thoughts. 1). Keeping shrimp and maybe a snail in there would control your algae. When I added 7 orange neos to my 20g long tank, which gets a bit of indirect sunlight, all algae was eaten with in about 48 hours, and has not come back. 2). Keep a small nano heater in the tank, keep the temperature stable. Temperature swings could cause sickness and death in your inhabitants. 3). I sort of agree with Aiden123 on it not being wide enough for fish. I would think that because of the lack of width fish might be stressed with all of the movement outside of the tank. Maybe if you did your research and found a a fish that is social and outgoing, maybe something with the personality and size of a dwarf puffer (keeping in mind that dwarf puffers have specific care requirements and will eat any shrimp and snails you keep in the tank, so there goes your algae control), that could work.

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    Without it being heavily planted, (and maybe even then) This is the recipe for a perpetual green water tank.
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    live food tank? would be great idea..... other than that i would stay away from window tanks... dalphnia tank sounds good
    I wonder if i plant one of my tiger barbs would the demon seed grow to a full tree?
    gotta love them bunnies!
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