Hi, so in about 8 months I will be moving so I find this to be the perfect opportunity to plan for to upgrade my tank and I have decided that a 72 Bowfront will be a good fit. Now Iím wondering what I should stock it with. I have a few ideas of what I want to do, the fish I have currently in my 29 gallon will be included in this move. Iím going to dirt the tank with a sand cap and plant it. Iím really thinking about a rainbow tank with a small school of tetras and a few dwarf cichlids for the bottom. Here is my idea.

12x rummynose tetras
4x-5x dwarf rainbows
2x boesemans rainbows
2x red rainbows
2x turquoise rainbows
2x-4x bolivian rams (or 2 rams and 2 apisto?)Ö not too sure how rams and apisto will react to each other.
6x panda corys
3x-5x otos

*1 betta -I know betta isnít a good idea, however he is already in my current tank and my fiancť loves him to much to not include him.

**2 unknown killifish-I am not a fan of the killifish either but my fiancť loved the pair we saw at the fish store the other day. Most likely I can get away with not getting these fish since they were pricey and she will hopefully forget about them.

Feel free to give advice and add some or remove some, but the fish in my signature have to stay. I also didnít include the neons in my signature because I am not a fan on how they school and they tend to like to hide in my plants. My plan is to phase them out with the rummynose tetras.