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Thread: Help Please!

  1. Default Help Please!

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    My wife and I have had this aquarium for a few years (given to us). While we have had some success with fish here and there we have never been successful at keeping fish for very long and even worse with the aquatic plants.... We did have a pleco live about 5 years and make it through 2 hurricanes (about 3 weeks power outage...) but this was a very rare exception.

    I think our problem may be due to the coral and the how tall the tank is. I am looking for general advice on what plants and fish would work in this. Also if the tall tank is just to difficult for plants, or if coral needs to go (wife does not want that). Our ultimate goal is to have plants that stay alive, guppies that are happy, and some cherry shrimp at the bottom. I have attached a picture of the tank (i know looking bad... i need help) and the filter system below. It is a top filter (just how it was given to us) and that drains into the bead filter which dumps into the tank on the left which pumps up to the top. The circulation is good in the tank. Moss seems to grow ok on the bottom but does not look great.

    Thanks ahead of time!

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    Have you got a water test kit?
    If so can you get results for Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and Ph please? Can you also test your tap water as well?
    Also what are the tank dimensions?
    I don't think such a big quantity of coral is good.
    • 20 gallon: Posh shrimp tank:2 panda taiwan bee shrimp, 14 F1 hybrid bee shrimps and 30 taitibee
    • 15 gallon:High tech planted tank with 7 forktail rainbow fish, 4 horned nerite snails and red cherry shrimp

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    The dimensions are 48" wide, 15.5" deep, and 30" tall.

    I have some strips (past expiration) that I can do now, but also have a the chemical set coming in the mail for Tuesday. Would the strips work for the time being?

    Thanks for the super quick reply!

    Edit: i did do a 20% water change yesterday, although i doubt it would skew the data significantly.

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    Unfortunately even in date test strips tend to be inaccurate. As soon as you get the liquid test kit do a full range of tests as until we know these there isn't much we can do.
    You could check your water supplier's website as they may give details such as Ph.
    I may have a theory but it is really clutching at straws at the moment without water parameter results.
    Crushed coral is used to increase Ph in aquariums. The big piece of coral you have may be doing the same. Now if you have soft, acidic tap water , when you do a water change the new water may be wildly different from the tank water causing a big change in the water. A big ph swing is enough to kill fish, plants and even mosses which tend to be extremely hardly.
    As I said though I am clutching at straws just from what I can see from the pictures and not knowing the full water parameters.
    • 20 gallon: Posh shrimp tank:2 panda taiwan bee shrimp, 14 F1 hybrid bee shrimps and 30 taitibee
    • 15 gallon:High tech planted tank with 7 forktail rainbow fish, 4 horned nerite snails and red cherry shrimp

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    That's a nice size tank with great potential. That algae growing tells me there are extra nutrients in the water and possibly the lights are on to long. What is your water change schedule (how much and how often). I suspect you are not changing enough water often enough and the nitrates are too high.
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    Thanks, Ill go ahead and cancel my amazon order and just run down to the petstore and grab one. Its about the same cost anyways! I really appreciate the help!

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    pH 8.4 tank and 8.4 tap
    Ammonia .25 ppm tank and 0 tap
    Nitrite 0 tank and 0 house
    Nitrate 80 ppm tank and 0 tap

  8. Default

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    Well there goes my theory.....
    However 80ppm for nitrate is very high considering your tap has 0. As Mommy1 alluded too, you will need to up you water changes and aim for a weekly nitrate reading around 20ppm.
    • 20 gallon: Posh shrimp tank:2 panda taiwan bee shrimp, 14 F1 hybrid bee shrimps and 30 taitibee
    • 15 gallon:High tech planted tank with 7 forktail rainbow fish, 4 horned nerite snails and red cherry shrimp

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    So are there fish in the tank at the moment?

    Where are you located, just asking because of the hurricanes you mention...
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    Thanks again for all the fast responses!
    I am in Louisiana!

    There are about a dozen guppies that i think live long enough to keep that number going (barely) there are 3 very small plecos (brand new to help with the algae). There is also some ghost shrimp in there also brand new (testing shrimp as my ultimate goal is plants and shrimp).

    The guy who gave me the bead filter years ago claimed i really did not need to change the water because of how advanced they are. But he may have been mistaken or me gullible. We probably clean the tank (~10% water change) once a month or every other month at the longest. Also due to evaporation I give the tank about 5 gallons every few weeks.

    I appreciate all the help!

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