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    Default 29 Gallon stocking

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    Hey i got a 29 gallon tank that could use some stock, Right now it houses 5 platies and 7-10 fry 1 male to 4 females. Unfortunately most of the fry has been food for the adults but that will change added more hiding spots for fry today.

    This tank has long been a pure feeder fish tank but with just a few adult platies at all time. and it is currently that right now too. They are not feeder fish in the normal term i trade the fry in for food and other supplies.

    The tank is a 100 litre 75x35x35 cm, about 29g 29,5x13,8x13,8 inches.

    The only fishes that won't enter this tank is Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) They are not compatible in the water, The ones i can get a hold of are breed in asia in brackish water and will only survive a few days in a non brackish tank.
    the other one is any cichlid. I have had some mixed information about some, For an example My laetacara dorsigera male is so aggressive i can't look into the tank unless im atleast 4' away or he will slam the glass full speed trying to get rid of me. I kinda think he would kill every malawi in a malawi tank if i put him in one. He killed one of my adult angelfish before i could get a tank for him and his female. So no cichlid in that tank i want to look into the tank without hurting my fish. ( i have other cichlid that also act completly diffrent from what all the information on the web says about them)

    So what fish would you put in with my current stock to increase the numbers?
    Oh yeah the filter is a fluval 205 rated for a tank twice the size of mine. so i got filtration. ( know abit much but i had nothing else laying around just a waste of money to go out and buy a new filter when you got one at home already)

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    Any community tank fish should work. Maybe something like adding...

    4+ Cory cats for the bottom
    a Nerita snail for the algae

    I think there should be plenty of room and filtration for the addition, even for when your fry get bigger. Cory cats are hardy bottom feeders and will pretty much stay out of the way, will not pick on or be picked on by your platies.

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