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    Default What to put with Neon/Cardinal tetras

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    We are absolute beginners with a 40litre tank. We need fish that are easy to care for. We know we'd like some neon/cardinal tetras, some danios and perhaps a kuhli loach. We were wondering about some guppies, black mollies, platies and swordtails as we want some more fish that swim around lots and are very active. But they would have to go well with their tank mates! :D Would you have any recommendations?
    Thanx guys.
    nix :)

  2. Default

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    All of the 3 first would work well. black mollies are a little more sensetive and best kept in brackish water. (can be kept in fresh but are more sensetive than.)

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    dont get swordtails as the tetras will nip the fins of them. But platys are a very good choise as they come in a wide variaty of colours and patterns.


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    beware of guppies aswell as the tetras will also bite the fins of guppies aswell

    hope this Helps


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    Also be aware that all the fish you metioned give live birth and will multiply without any help.

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    the live beareres need sub-hard water (pH 7.0-7.5) and the neons and cardinals need soft water (pH 6.4-6.8). this means there is no water chemistry that will allow both to thrive, and thriving should be your main goal. also keep in mind that very hardy species such as platies may seem to do well in water parameters outside their ideal range and are therefore frequently kept in inideal water conditions, but if they are not in their ideal range they arent truly thriving and you will at least be shortening their lifespan if not also mildly stressing them and preventing their best colors, growth, and health from being exhibited. another issue is that neons and cardinals are schoolers, requiring at least 6 of each. if you already have both species in there that will be fully stocking that tank, maybe allowing for some small bottom feeders depending on your filtration and water change schedule.
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    thanx for the help-I never realised!!!

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    I like to keep a few platies in the tank just for added color. I get only males as I don't want to deal with all the mating, babies, aggression, etc that goes with both sexes. I had Mollies and hated them! lol

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    I would also say platys. Very peaceful fish and do well in a community tank. I tried the molly thing before and had no luck. Mollys seem quite sensitive.

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