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    Default What kind of ram is this?

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    Went to the pet store today and there was a tank labeled with Bolivian rams, and then just "medium rams"... the owner said he doesnt know, he doesnt think they are german blue rams, and he checked the order list and said "yep, thier just reqular rams" Im like ok.... he has no idea and it was close to closing time so he just wanted us out of there. I'm hoping they are GBRs. Ive been wanting some for a very long time
    So what do you think? terrible pic I know, but I had to take it quick. So the ones that clearly arent the bolivians, haha. And if their not Germans, what are they?

  2. Default

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    Some do look like GBR's but they have more black bands than the GBR's I have. I have read that they show more black lines or show less black colouring when they are stressed. I'm not expert on them though so I may be wrong with my I.D. There are also varieties of GBR's so they may be one of them.
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    I am pretty sure they are mixed. The paler yellow-grey ones with a single dot on their flanks look like Bolivians, the ones with large black bands on their bodies look like blues.

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    Yea they have got to be german blue rams. Just weird looking I guess. Wonder if they would be healthy or not? And they were really stressed out. The pet store guy had the lights already turned off when we got there and then he turned them on and then stuck his hand in there to move some rock that was in the way
    Now are they ok and will they breed with electric blue rams? I heard they do as they are the same species just a diff colour variation. Is this true?

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