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    Ok so I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed (again) and my head is swimming. I’m heeding the advice that says ‘research!’ but I can’t help but realize I am likely to overlook some aspects, then fretting over that.

    I’ve been reading like the internet is going to die out tomorrow, and my question lists – as I go through them and find answers – seem to be prolific breeders and I’ve now got many more questions than I did a while ago.

    I guess my first question that I should ask is how soon can I add my next additions? I’m still narrowing down which those might be, as well. My original stocking wish list has been altered and has some unknowns now.

    I put in my first 3 fish 10 days ago and have had my water tested every other day to every 3 days: Ammonia 0; Nitrite 0; Nitrate 0. So first question is: How much time should I wait before adding more tank inhabitants?
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  2. Default

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    Nitrate are zero?

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    Yes, ^ this is what the LFS tells me the results are. Is this unusual? I do have an order in for my own test kit (the APi Master) so perhaps my own test will be more sensitive (??) I had thought the LFS used this type too though, of course I could be mistaken.

    I'm new, so please let me know if I am overlooking something or if something doesn't seem right.
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    Live for today
    Hope for tomorrow

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    Its odd for a cycled tank not to show any nitrates at all unless heavily planted. My own tank is moderately planted, and shows 5ppm nitrates.

    In any case, to answer your question, it kinda depends on how much bioload you are adding. If you are adding one or two small fish to top off existing schools, you could probably add one or two every week and not run into problems. If you are adding bigger fish or more numbers, you're best to wait a couple weeks between additions.
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    I got my aquarium water re-tested today. The results were: Ammonia 0; Nitrite 0; Nitrate 0; pH 7.5.

    Should I be concerned? The LFS lady -- after I said 'Are you certain that reads as 0 Nitrate, isn't that odd?' -- asked me if I have fish in my tank yet. (I have 3 Platys plus 4 little plants)

    Are these readings any cause for concern? (It doesn't mean my tank cycle failed, or something, right??)

    I want to add my next batch of inhabitants, but only if my tank environment is ready for that. I'd likely add either 6 Neon Tetras or some Cherry Red Shrimp.
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    Live for today
    Hope for tomorrow

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    You can go with the RCS for now, no problem....then let's see what YOUR nitrAte test shows...when do you expect your kit to arrive?
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    My tank, up to date.
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    Hope for tomorrow

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    Looking good!
    Increasing your biodiversity increases your stability.

    You know what this tank needs? ........................ Crypts.

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    You can see more of The Stump in this one. The back left area (so basically all around The Stump) is perhaps the favorite space. I used to have a tall plastic plant back there too, but needed it elsewhere. I'll likely get another, to fill in until my thumb turns green. (At least, I'm hopeful it will do so.)

    Learn from yesterday
    Live for today
    Hope for tomorrow

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    oh, the water reflection effect makes my big stump look like a triangle. Hmm. It has a bunch of hiding spots on it and the reason I set it where I did is I can see fish behind it (with a hand-held mirror if they are tucked in close) but I am thinking they don't feel so exposed.

    I am wondering how well the fish see out of that side glass in the aquarium. To me, it appears mirrored, but I keep wondering what it looks like through their eyes.

    *grins* I think too much, clearly.

    @ Compass ~ Thank you so much!
    Learn from yesterday
    Live for today
    Hope for tomorrow

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