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    Have you thought about golden bristle nose pleco? I have one, he's bright yellow and orange, colour has become a lot more bright as he's gotten older, and he's heaps of fun! That would help with your wanting colour? You can have more than one I believe. They are cool!

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    Also, go pictures!!!!

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    @ Slaphppy ~ I tried 4 different filters before I settled on the one I ended up with. (I know, I’m behind on my pictures) I had really wanted the Eheim Classic 350 Cannister -- brought that one home -- but it would not fit (no way, no how… and how I tried). The thing about under the cabinet is that I’ve not yet convinced my husband to give that space over to me as yet… It’s a work in progress, shall we say?

    Also, I admit to being pretty nervous about installing a device that pumps all the water out of the tank, then returns it, via tiny hoses. I'd hate to come home to water flooded all over my floor and dead fish in my now waterless tank. I'd likely have nightmares about that possibility, even.

    Right now, the entire bottom of this cabinet houses hubby’s record collection. (Yes, vinyl – the youngsters might not realize that isn’t fetish-wear that I’m discussing) The tuner –- hubby’s from way-back -- has “Technics by Panasonic” on the front. Yes it works well, and yep, it is old. We do enjoy our tunes.

    As far as hardscape, I’ve noticed my tank has all sorts of optical illusions. For example, the sides and back almost appear mirrored from the inside. Also, objects appear either closer or further back from where they really are. My stump is positioned in the very back corner, yet it appears to be further forward. Perhaps this sort of thing is common to all bodies of water and my marveling at it just illustrates my newbie-hood. It’s been fun to play around with, though.
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    I see, I too have all of my vinyl albums from years ago, 300+ of them, so I understand him wanting a safe place to store them. No worries really with canister filters leaking as long as they are assembled correctly and all connections are tight, but I understand your apprehension.

    Wow, an old "Technics" tuner...that thing is an antique!...very cool that it still works

    Yes, all tanks have those optical illusions, once filled with water...I must have re-arranged mine a dozen times before I figured that out, lol...I finally just decided to hardscape the tank as viewed from the front, and left it at that.

    Your tank is coming along nicely, this build will be fun to watch!
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    @ EvieBee ~ Thank you for suggesting a golden bristle nose pleco. I've added this to my consideration list. It is wonderful in that they are better housed as the only of its kind. This goes in the plus-column. I am rather concerned about the max size being so large though. Oh, and you are right -- these are very pretty!
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    Hope for tomorrow

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    They do get large, I think 12-15cm but they will are very much a personality bottom dweller and colourful. Personally I love mine, Spike. But yeah... Size is an issue.

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    This is soaking on the back patio. I am very excited about this piece.

    I'm calling it the Tunnels Stump and I will add it to the other driftwood already in my tank: The Stump (which is larger) and The Bridge.
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    Hope for tomorrow

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    those are nice peices!
    The fish will love the tunnels, but you will end up hating them. I'm betting you are going to be a fish counter once you get stocking, and you will never know if there is a fish hiding in that tunnel or not when you are trying to do a fin count.
    20gal long planted community

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    Gorgeous pieces, DW "stump" has a cave throughout the middle of it, and I keep a flashlight handy to peek in there...all kinds of activity, but yeah, if you become a "fish counter", be sure to keep a flashlight nearby, LOL

    I wouldn't worry about it, that piece is too nice not to use
    10 Gallon Beginner Tank... Journal
    40 Gallon Breeder: ... Journal
    29 Gallon: ... Journal

    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went” - Will Rogers

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    Slaphppy7 ~ A flashlight! thank you for that, I'll definitely designate one (and try to keep the kids from stealing it).

    sheamurai ~ Counting fish... oh yikes. I must try to refrain from that habit, as I've hidey-holes in pretty much every piece of décor I've put in. I'll drive myself nuts!

    I know I'm behind on photos. I'll work on that.
    Learn from yesterday
    Live for today
    Hope for tomorrow

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