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    Alright so I tested my water tonight when I got home, everything looks pretty good
    ph-7 (was 6.5 last week)
    Nitrate-10 to 20
    and the temp has been at 79/80. Im thinking of lowering it... I dont know.

    I have now done a 60% water change

    Im thinking it might be parasitic, but I have no ideas on what it is
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    The reading you have look ok to me. What or why changed your ph over the week? Firm what i have read rams like 78-82 deg temp. I ment from.
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    I'm thinking maybe the rocks I added???
    So last night after I posted I did a about 60% water change. I had a shower came back and the smallest EBR couldn't take it. He pretty much died right away. Stuck to the filter but was still alive so I netted him and died overnight.
    I dosed the tank with some melafix and added a Indian almond leaf.
    On the plus side everyone seems to be doing a little better.
    And I will keep my water temp at about 78/79
    I'm at work but will try to update tonight. Thanks guys

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    I'm sorry to hear that another one didn't make it.
    For GBR's it is recommended to do small but frequent water changes instead of one big one as they are sensitive to changes in the water. I would imagine this applies to EBR's too. Maybe for any future problems this may help.
    Glad the others are doing well, hope it stays that way!
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    Yea for sure. Always worries me doing a large water change but worried about parasites or something else like that. So figured I couldn't really lose. I'll just continue to do small daily water changes untill I have to leave for the weekend.

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    Looks like I will be down to 1 EBR after tonight. My biggest male looks like he will die tonight :( so discouraged and upset!
    The GBRs are doing ok. Their colour isnt so great though. The 2 rabauti corys are doing amazing though, super happy and swimming all over the place

    I just wish I knew what was going on though with the rams so I could at least try to fix it!

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    0 Not allowed!
    Well it's not a electric blue ram tank anymore :( one has passed every night untill there are none left. Mystery to me.
    But the Germans are doing well. A little pale but well. Noticed a little scratching so I will keep my eye out.
    I'm gonna just let this pass hopefully and wait a while to make sure everyone else in the tank is ok. But after I get the go ahead I will deff be getting a male in there!

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    0 Not allowed!
    Apologies if you have already posted these but what are your ph, tds,gh and kh?
    I say this because rams love soft, acidic water. My father has a pair of rams in parameters of:
    Ph: 7.4
    TDS: 200
    GH: 7
    KH: 3

    Although these aren't ideal, the rams seem happy. However compared them to my pair of rams there is a noticeable difference in colour and behaviour. My tank parameters are:
    PH: 6.0
    TDS: 150
    GH: 6
    KH: 0-1

    Since EBR are more sensitive and pickier when it comes to water, this may have contributed.
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