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    Default Out of curiosity

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    I was just sitting around, spacing out, and I got to thinking about fish and the colors they come in. Are there any true green freshwater fish? Most of the fish I know that are called green (green sword tails, tiger barbs, and so on) aren't really all that green. The closest I found was the green tiger barb, but they really look more blue to me. Same with green neons. A follow up question would be, why not? Is green just not a good genetic trait?
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    The green color morph of Tiger barbs looks green to me...dark green. And some food fish are a muddy green/olive....but nothing neon or bright green that I can think of. I don't think there is any advantage to being green....ahem, in other words,'s not easy being green.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azurescriber View Post
    ....ahem, in other words,'s not easy being green.
    ^^This just made my day!! Thank you for the chuckle!

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    Few animals except lizards and a few snakes are green. Not sure why that is though. L200 is pretty green though

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    Try googling for parrotfish. There are several shades of the blue-green that some of them come in. Some more blue, and some more green, but pretty much all rather vibrant.

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    Several cichlids come in green but I believe that no fish is absolutely 1 color (on a general basis)... Take my Goodeid I have for example. They are drab when they are normal but the male turns orange at the tail (almost like a bosmani rainbow) and the female turns emerald green during breeding. There are green fire tetra, but they arent 100% green..

    I remember reading back a year or more ago about the types of foods good for discus in bringing out desired colors. I would think it has a bit to do with the diet in the wild and then local color varietys that are not wild fish can usually be attributed to selective breeding. I have seen all green congo tetra, and rainbows, green discus that were a blend of a cobalt blue and a snakeskin that came out 25% solid green...

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    Cool. That makes sense about their diet. You learn something every day. Thinking about this a little more I forgot all the research I had done a while ago on fish native to North America. There are greenhead shiners and the most green I've seen is in the greenside darter. I'd love to have me a few of those two species. Now if I can only catch some.
    Increasing your biodiversity increases your stability.

    You know what this tank needs? ........................ Crypts.

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    The Green rasbora is very green. In fact, it almost looks fake it's so green.

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    First fish that comes to mind:



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    smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, rockbass, green phantom pleco (L200), watermelon pleco (L191), tiretrack eel, northern pike. there's a few that I know of...
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