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  1. Default Fishless Cycle Stalled?

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    Hello all! I have been cycling my 5 gallon fish tank since mid February. I use AquaSafe plus to treat the water before adding. I use pure ammonia as the ammonia source. Initially things seemed to be going pretty well, Ammonia began dropping and nitrites began to rise. However now there appears to be a stall in the cycle. Neither Ammonia nor nitrites have increased/decreased in the past week or so. Ammonia sits at about 1.0 ppm, Nitrite at .5-1.0 ppm, and Nitrate at 5 ppm. I do not know what to do now, any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.

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    What type of filter and what media do you have? What is the temp of the tank? Do you have an airstone?

    5 gallons is very small, what do you plan on stocking it with?
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  3. Default

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    I do not know the filter or media type, they came with the tank I bought. The temperature is ~80 F. I have no airstone. I am only going to stock it with a Betta and maybe a snail.

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    Have you added anything to the tank while cycling? Have you taken anything out?
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  5. Default

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    Check the ph of your tank. If the PH is below 6.6, you should do a water change to get it back up to above 6.6. I am assuming the ph of your tap water is above ph 6.6.

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    Ph doesn't stay stable during cycling - perhaps you have been adding too much ammonia? Sometimes that can stall cycling.

    A tiny tank like that wouldn't need more than an initial reading of 2ppm at the beginning and then drop it down to 1ppm once you register nitrites.

    How long has the ammonia been sitting at that reading? Have you tried cleaning the filter media? I'm asking because you shouldn't do that while cycling a tank.

  7. Default

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    Thanks for all the responses, I appreciate it. I have added only the pure ammonia and topped off the water (treated with aquasafe plus) when some evaporates. My pH has been fluctuating between 7.6 and 8.0. Currently my ammonia is between 1.0 and 2.0 ppm, and it has been this way since last week (say 6 days or so). I have not cleaned the filter media.

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    How much ammonia were you adding? Sounds like perhaps there is too much in there?

    Maybe try do a small water change to bring it down to 1.0ppm and see if it starts to drop after that.

  9. Default

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    Initially I was getting it to around 3ppm back when I was seeing results. Then once nitrite started rising I dropped it to between 1 and 2 ppm, its hard for me to see the color difference. I will try a water change, thanks for the advice

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    I agree with imma24 - at this point in your cycle, your ammonia should not be above 1.0 ppm. Do not add any ammonia until it reads 0 and you have a nitrite reading. Also, oxygenation is very important when cycling - maybe add an airstone to break the surface tension and raise your water temp to 82 deg.
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