so i have yet to see this anywhere else. so i figured i would post my plans here and proceed when the parts come in. i'm waiting to test a supply of pumps for the dosing before anything else goes forward but i will be updating the entire process.
my original purposes:
make a better and cheaper inline co2 atomizer
allow adding of ferts automatic and head ache less

thoughts for future uses:
nearly hands free water changes
auto dosing of prime with water change

the reason im doing this isnt because im not happy with the performance of the atomizer i bought of fleabay, quite the contrary.... i love it. but because im using a SUNSUN filter, its running 1" tubing instead of 3/4" that is required for the atomizer i bought. i looked and they dont make one big enough for this filter so i had to step it down then back up. with this build im hoping to not need the reducing. also i can see future cleaning of this to be hard if not impossible.

sorry for the crud drawing but thats the idea of it. the yellowish piece is a cheapy stone atomizer that is replaceable.
diy atomizer.jpg

basically the entire body will be made from pvc, and have hose adapters on either end to connect to my canister filter.

the ferts are going to be delivered via 2 peristaltic pumps. one will pump macro, the other will pump micro. i will be doing a monthly batch of ferts.

one problem i ran into thinking of doing this is i have SOFT water. so soft that im using more than recommended GH booster (tom barr's recipe) that being said CaSO4 is not soluable in water at all.... i mean seriously not. it would cause the pumps to break down and clog if i could even get a solution so be stable. so i changed up all the ferts to allow for a new source of Ca. i will have to update this with my chart later, as its on my desktop. if you are wondering im doing the EI method of ferts.

ill update when i have my pumps working and controlled right. work in progress lol