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    Default Help on decorating/planting/aquascaping my 37 gallon? Almost blank canvas.

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    So, I attempted a Java Moss Tree and it didn't work out too well. I'm wanting to go for a natural look. I plan on putting a small pile of rocks on both sides, left one slightly taller than the right and both surrounded by plants. We plan on taking a beach trip within the next few months and I'm going to look for the perfect piece of driftwood or a couple small pieces to mix in there. The plants I currently have to work with consist of 1 Anubias nana, 1 Java fern, 1 baseball size java moss ball, a little bit of jungle val, and 1 amazon sword. I'll probably get more of about every plant except java moss. I plan on putting most of the vals to the left side of the tank and amazon swords to the right, with java fern and anubias nana in the front, under and in the cracks between the rocks. I've also thought of a Red tiger Lotus to add some color and Sunset Hygro for the right side of the tank to had variety. I have a few questions because this is my first heavily planted or almost aquascaped tank. 1, my tank is low light but does anyone have any suggestions for a plant that will grow somewhat fast and fill in the blank spots that I can just kind of plant around the tank? 2, Does the way I have described how I plan on decorating sound good? 3, I have brown river rock substrate, so when picking out my rocks for decorating, should I go with brown, grey, or a mix of both? Suggestions are very welcome. I'm going to try to draw on a piece of paper how I want to lay it out because it might be hard for some to visualize. I'm rubbish at drawing so don't expect a masterpiece! Thanks to all in advance!IMG_0704.JPGThis is my tank right now so you all know what I'm working with.

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    A drawing would help you focus as well. Currently this seems not very planned and that's the major handicap.

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    if you want something fast growing try wendtii crypts. very pretty plant. also hygro will grow very fast and bush out - you'd want it for background.
    I'll let the experts add advice on how to scape the tank. :o)
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    You need a hardscape...once you have established a hardscape then I would focus on planting. Figure out what sort of look you want the tank to a search online to look for aquarium hardscapes. Find some you like and try to replicate it with your own twist. You can find any sort of materials you could ever need online as well. IMO for a tall narrow tank...manzanita would be easy and you can easily scape with it.
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    I never plan a tank, I just chuck it all together into something I am happy with. Planning is boring to me, and then limits you.

    Anubias is one of the best plants out there, for bulking a scape out and especially for low light tanks, it however does not grow really fast.

    Wisteria is a fast grower, really really fast sometimes lol
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    Why would planning limit anyone?

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    Thank for all the replies! The hardest problem is going to be finding the perfect rocks. I have it pictures in my mind what shape, size, and look I want for the rocks. We have 2 rock yards close so I'll check there. If I can't find anything I'll go to one of the lakes or rivers we have close by. I don't think planning limits me to much. If something doesn't look good I can just move it. I'll definitely do a hardscape and draw everything out from both a overhead view and a front view and see what you all think of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alasse View Post
    I never plan a tank, I just chuck it all together into something I am happy with. Planning is boring to me, and then limits you.
    I plan as I go as well. It never turns out the way I initially think it will anyway. I may have to do some rearranging a time or two, but I'm always happy with the end result.


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    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    Why would planning limit anyone?
    My opinion and my thoughts on the subject of planning. I personally find it very limiting. Not a fan. Start with a blank canvas and let yourself go, possibilities are endless. Planning to me limits that, cause you are focussing on the plan lol Simple really

    What you do is your choice lol
    Lots of tanks
    Camera - Sony A33 - Sony A58
    18-55mm F3.5-5.6 SAM lens
    55-200mm F4-5.6 SAM lens

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