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Thread: 3 Clown Loaches

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    Mar 2014

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    Default 3 Clown Loaches

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    I have a 60 gallon tank that is 36L x 18H x 21.5D. We have white sand, Aqua Clear 110 and a Fluval 200W heater. Right now there is one real plant and couple fake ones. 3 pieces of rock decoration and I am going to get some read lava rock to create some hiding spaces. The stock include 6 Balloon Mollies, 4 male guppies (wife wanted these), two bristlenose plecos (small), and 3 clown loaches. The loaches are so fun to watch but 2 of the 3 hide a lot and only scoot around when it's dark and no one around. They are about 2.5" now and I am thinking of getting another one or two in hopes that they will become less shy. When I put in the lava rocks they will also have some places to hid plus I want to put in couple more real plants.

    The other thing with these loaches is that I haven't seen them eat. May be when it's dark they come out and dig for food. Last few nights I would drop in a few of the sinking wafers before end of the night and turn the lights off. I hope they eat because in the afternoon when I feed them the mollies and the guppies would eat the floating food and then go on and peck on the wafers.

    Anyways I like these guys. Just wish they are less shy.

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    I assume these loaches are recent acquisitions?
    New fish tend to be shy, and only after a while do they lose their fear. Keeping only 3 may also be a factor, as these are social fish. However, I would strongly urge against getting more of them. As a matter of fact, I would recommend returning these loaches, if you can. These fish will reach roughly a foot in length, as well as being very heavy bodied. Proper keeping of adults requires a tank in the multiple hundred gallons range, due to their large size, high activity levels, need for clean water and a school of conspecifics.

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    Ditto that. Unless you plan on continuously cycling larger fish out and new smaller fish in, clown loaches aren't appropriate fish for this tank. Best case scenario is to return them and replace them with another bottom dweller like corys or other smaller loaches.

    Clown loaches are usually very boisterous, not to mention having huge appetites (they grow pretty quickly once they hit their stride) so the fact they are hiding/not eating means they really aren't happy. You may also want to check that your lighting and temperature suits their needs. They do need a school to show their true personality.

    So, if you intend on keeping them in your current tank, count on rehoming them every couple years, and up the school to around 6. Your plans of more hiding places will also let them feel more secure and not so shy.
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    One thing I would like to add on is that the less you have, the more they can stress each other out. A group of 3 is rather risky, and 5 would be much more solid. You could probably keep these for a solid 3-5 years due to how slow they grow, but you would definitely need to move them after that.

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    A cool fish too add would be some kuhli loaches they burrow and look like eels
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    Clowns are going to require more filtration than what you're providing them. I recommend keeping at least 6 loaches so they show their true personality and become less nocturnal and hopefully start to take food. Clowns are very very hungry fish and seem to always want to eat till they explode. Mine love algae wafers. I feed at least one every other day. Your tank size will be fine if you provide them with a ~250-350GPH powerhead to replicate their natural stream conditions. Loaches scare very easily and its not unusual to see them all dash across the tank and go to their hiding spots. The longer you keep them you'll recognize how they operate and see what they like.

    Buy a sponge filter and find a powerhead that will fit it. This way you'll provide more filtration and get that current they'll love and need to be happy.

    Also, clowns have been grown out to 12inches and bigger but in your tank the loaches will likely grow to a quick 5" and then, as is typical of the clown, begin to very slowly grow. They can live well into their 50s and on with proper care. You can have a very good relationship with yours until the 60g is too little for them,
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