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  1. Default Really fat African Dwarf Frog

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    I have 4 African Dwarf Frogs but for a while now one has been really fat compared to the rest. It has been larger looking for months and although it has previously been eating normally and swimming around I wanted to get it checked now as im sure its getting bigger.

    Pics (dont mind the messy substrate, water change is due tomorrow):

    I feed them every other day with bloodworms.

    Also its not really noticeable in the pics but at its rear above its bum there is a small lump under its skin the looks like bone or something pressing against it. I dont think the others have this.

    27 Gallon planted: Super Dragon Betta, Neon Tetras, Honey Gourami, Rummy Nose Tetra, Checker barbs, Bolivian Ram, Otocinclus, Amano shrimp, Assassin snails.

    75 Gallon Reef: Ocellaris Clownfish pair, Firefish, Royal Gramma, Bangaii Cardinal, Midas Blenny, Coral Beauty Angelfish, Cleaner Shrimp, 18+ crabs and snails

  2. #2


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    oh wow. could it maybe be gender differences(gravid vs not gravid, etc)?

  3. #3


    1 Not allowed!
    I don't know anything about frogs but found this very interesting so i googled and it looks a lot like the photo of the frog with dropsy?

    If you scroll down to dropsy, the first photo.

    Like i said i have no idea but to me it looks similar. There's something else called bloating but it's described as the frog looking like an inflated rubber glove. Yje entire body is swollen.

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