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    Default No symptoms other than lethargy.

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    Hey gang. Afraid there may be no answer but figure I'll try.

    I got three new panda cory's at the pet store Sunday. there were drip acclimated and have been in quarantine. The past couple days, one has been lethargic and not eating. Only moving a little when necessary. I don't see any thing unusual looking outside of him. Fins look good, gills look good, although breathing on the slower side, eyes clear. The other two look great and are swimming and eating. Food I have available for them vary from, blood worms, algae wafer, dried shrimp, and fish flakes. The sick one looks like he might be getting skinnier from not eating..These guys are little juveniles, probably about an inch or so. I want the little one to pull through. :<

    They are in a 10 gal. QT tank which I check water parameters everyday. It's bare bottom, but there is a plastic floating plant and some pvc pipe for them to hide in. Temp is 77F. Also included is one small air stone and filter. I siphon poop and leftover food daily. Ammonia, Nitrites, at 0 and Nitrates under 10ppm. Water change 2 week or when water parameters suffer.

    Any advice? I know some fish don't do well to the move and suffer. Just hoping for any advice. Thanks,

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    Sadly I have no answer for you. Just something I do when I get new fish is dose with a little Melafix for a few days. It is said to help and it isn't harmful to catfish (that I know of). I don't know how effective it really is but you might give it a try.
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    I had a very similar experience with corys and sadly never did work out what killed them - they just went downhill within days then weeks :( ... Forum members suggested they might be struggling to eat (I have greedy fish in my community) or that they are particularly sensitive to PH shifts. I did carefully acclimatise mine but I guess I can't rule that out. Sorry that's no real help. Lots of WC is the only advice I can give ... and lots of bloodworms!
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    I've had that occur with multiple new cories. prognosis has been poor, and usually they just continue wasting away until death.
    I suspect it is an internal parasite/protozoan issue, so maybe try treating with praziquantel and feeding metronidazole laced food?

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    He died this morning. Fortunately the buddies didn't snack on him. Upon further inspection, found a two tiny red spots on his lower fins. Gills looks a little pinkish red to me. Did a 30% water change, other two corries look good so far.

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    Sorry for your loss
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    We stocked our tank about 3 weeks ago and at that time we purchased 4 Corys. Couple days ago one started to look bad and passed away yesterday. At first he would be going up for air often. Before he died looked like he lost an eye (it was red) and he was just sitting there. A week prior to that one died as well. The two remaining ones look good. They dig for food all day so I don't think it was shortage of food. It might be that they are extra sensitive to environment change.

    These guys are fun to watch and I am thinking of getting 2 or 4 to replenish.

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