I'm having a very hard time deciding on filtration for my new 29 gallon. I have the following filters from various aquariums: a few Aqua Tech 10-20, Top Fin 30, and a bio/sponge filter rated up to 30 gallons. My current filter(on their old tank) is an Emperor 280. I'm not fond of the filter and I believe the buyer(of my old, damaged tank) wants it but I might hang onto it if it's the best option. Should I do two small HOB filters or one HOB and the sponge filter?

Also, what is the best option for cycling the tank for my current fish? These are the methods I've considered:
-Put the current filter on the new tank along with one of the new HOB filters for about a week.
-Put a sock/pantyhose/mesh screen/etc full of the old gravel in the new tank
-Both of these methods combined
-A better method

I'll be using tahitian moon sand in the new aquarium. It will be washed thoroughly. Any tips for getting the most out of my money? I bought two 20lb bags on clearance but I'd prefer to just use one, if possible. I considered adding black gravel on the bottom, sand on top, but I imagine the gravel will eventually find it's way to the top.