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  1. Default Oscar has bruise/scrape? Worried mom!

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    I just did a water change and happened to notice my oscar has a purplish/redish bruise/scrape looking place. Not sure what it is. Just noticed it and it's pretty noticeable. There's no sharp edges that I'm aware of in the tank. Just not sure how this guy got this :/

    Just a worried mom. Lol
    Sorry for the bad pic quality, he's constantly [


    Looking at the picture it's the dark place on the left side of his head.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Probably because your tank is way overstocked. Too small a tank can create incompatibility, which can stress out your fish.
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  3. Default

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    It's not way over stocked. But thank you. Our water is great quality, practically perfect. The oscars and silver dollars have been together since they've been tiny tots. And the oscars are only max three inches. And the silver dollars are tots too. It's a 60 gallon tank while were in the process of building our custom tank.

    Like I said on the other thread, would be nice to have more helpful advice other than misjudgments and assumptions on this forum.

  4. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonniedoodle View Post
    Like I said on the other thread, would be nice to have more helpful advice other than misjudgments and assumptions on this forum.
    I'm new to this forum myself, and I've noticed that there is a tendency to verbally attack people who come here looking for help. Not sure why this is, but I think there are just a lot of people here who are way into fish and don't want to see anything bad happen to them due to neglect. Don't take it personally and don't let it scare you off. This forum is a great resource once you've established that you take care of your fish properly.

    In my opinion (and that's all it is, my opinion) your tank is not over stocked at all with the fish all being as small as they are currently. I also saw on your other thread that you have plans to build a much larger tank, which I think is commendable, because your fish are definitely going to need a larger tank in the near future, but you already know that. I do hope that you plan to post pictures of the build in progress, I would very much like to follow along.

    And finally in an attempt to help with your original question, I'm betting that it may have been the catfish. Since he's new, has been acting strangely lately, and your Oscar is injured, it seems logical to assume that these two fish might have tangled over territory recently.

    Best of luck with your current and future aquariums.


  5. Default

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    Is there any chance of posting the water parameters, even if it's from a test strip rather than a liquid test kit?

    Only because this will really help the forum help you!
    E.g. you say the parameters are "practically perfect" -- which part of them are not 100% perfect? This information may or may not be relevant to the questions you ask. There is a huge amount of experience here and I have learnt a lot since I joined!
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  6. Default

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    Is there any chance your oscar has jumped and hit his head on the cover/canopy? When I had larger fish they would on occasion wack their heads on the glass cover...

  7. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeboraBremner View Post
    Is there any chance your oscar has jumped and hit his head on the cover/canopy? When I had larger fish they would on occasion wack their heads on the glass cover...
    I hadn't considered that, you may be on to something.


  8. Default

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    Over stocking isn't always about the size of the fish, it also has a lot to do with the bioload each fish puts on the amount of water provided, and your cat fish and oscars have a massive one. I second the parameter questions. More often than not with physical injuries, you can just keep up daily water changes and it will heal quickly.

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