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    Default Betta sulking or sick?

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    Hi, I've had my betta a little while now in a tank just shy of 40 litres, I did my first big-ish water change today (About 6-8 litres) and he seems really listless now. He keeps sitting at the surface under his frogbit and sipping at the air. Normally hes fairly active patrolling the tank, so I'm more than a bit concerned.

    Is he sulking cos I've messed about in his tank or have I mucked something up?

    He dosen't seem to be gasping or acting stressed, but the just hanging there is quite different behavior.

    Help! Any advice as I don't want to hurt him if I've done something wrong. I added the normal amount of dechlorinater and the water was a little bit warmer than the tank - hand warm to skin temp.

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    What else do you have in the tank? Is it cycled?

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    4 pygmy corys, 1 baby panda cory (that was bought as a pygmy), 5 kuhli loaches and a fair few plants

    and yeah, the filter was cycled in the smaller tank the corys were previously in.

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    How long has the tank been set up and is there any chance the new water temperature or Ph wasn't matched to the old?

    The other fish all OK?
    55g planted: 10x adult guppies, 9x kuhli loaches, 7x black neons, 2x neons, 6x Amano shrimp, assassin snails & cherry shrimp

    10g planted: Occasional platies & black devil trumpet snail

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    When was the last time you did a water change?
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