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    Default Has this been done with success?

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    Hi! I have a 55gallon well planted, established tank. I have my eye on several types of red plants i wish to add. I know a top rated substrate is recommended. Without draining my tank, can I put Seachem Flourite Black sand against my back wall only for the select plants? Maybe 20lbs just to get the red if I rinse good? Please tell me someone has done this & it worked great haha! thank you

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    I haven't done it but I don't see why it would not work XD
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    Maybe depends on the fish involved? I couldn't do it in at least 2 of my four tanks. My JD and blue lobster are in the 75. Cichlid's and reg. crayfish in a 55. ALL want the gravel THEIR way. Pretty quickly, all that sand would be under the gravel. LOL My tetra school and red lobster 55 tank is a maybe. In any case is seems futile when you throw in gravel cleaning. Maybe some sort of plastic divider? Gravel in front, sand in back. You could even 'sculpt' the divider if it was like thin plastic or such.
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    I have a home made plastic divider to split sand and pebbles in my tank. Black and white so it's quite obvious. Nevertheless, my kuhlis have most chucked the sand all over the place during foraging ... and the pebbles into the sand during their under-pebble dives! It SORT OF works but I have to be super careful during gravel cleaning and frequently dispose more sand to where it shouldn't be lol
    55g planted: 10x adult guppies, 9x kuhli loaches, 7x black neons, 2x neons, 6x Amano shrimp, assassin snails & cherry shrimp

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    Thx for the kind replies. After reading numerous reviews I believe Eco-Complete may be the cleaner option & because of my large kuhli loaches, the coarse gravel may be more productive in actual root growth, Lol. Wow I know myself & how I will never be satisfied until I change the entire substrate... oh dear I see another project in the future...again, thank you for the help

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    when you go to put it in get a piece of PVC pipe longer than your tank is deep. dump the Flourite in this to apply it to the bottom of the tank. It will give you control of where it goes and you wont disturb anything laying on the bottom or have crap floating around in the water.

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    It honestly wouldn't be worth your time, there is more to growing red plants than just substrate. Red plants require intense lighting and better fertilization especially iron. Stem plants absorb most of their nutrients from the water column, thus you would be better off dosing than doing substrate with them. Other red plants such as swords or crypts are heavy root feeders in addition to column feeders so benefit from both substrate feeding and water column dosing. I would also add some flourish Excel to your regimen as it helps to convert the more common to plant fertilizers ferric state of iron to ferrous state of iron which is more easily absorbed by plants. Not to mention plants of any form need a stable source of carbon and most red plants really benefit from pressurized co2 injection
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    Another method of adding substrate is to fill a plastic bottle with the substrate and then dunk the bottle into the tank, open side up. Let the air escape and then turn the bottle over. It'll take longer than the PVC method but I like it for adding those small touch up spots as it gives you great control over where the stuff goes.

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    Those ideas of how to add substrate to certain areas r killer good!! I just feel like my plants do not look as good as some of u who have these excellent, top rated looking set ups. Plz help me. I know I need a CO2 system but I dont have the time to devote to it atm. My tank is 55 gallons with a T5 HO light, its 18000 k i believe. Its a PowerGlo brand. I use FlourishExcel & FlourishCompSupplement. I use Prime when I do my water changes about every 3 weeks doing 50-60%. I have hardy fish & kuhli loaches that live for years but my plants r slow growers for some reason. My LFS has a LED set up the guy swears will last 10 years, would this be the answer? I'm not rich but I am a workaholic haha so I can save & buy whatever I need. Plz give me ur best ideas. I will do whatever u say, just HELP thanks I appreciate it.

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    How many bulbs is your T5HO?

    18000K is the wrong spectrum for plant bulbs in the 5000-10000K spectrum for best growth.

    You should be doing weekly WCs of 30-50%, plants require trace minerals which a waterchange provides.

    How often and how much are you dosing? What plants do you currently have?

    A photo of the tank would help.
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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