I am just getting back into owning an aquarium. Actually I am finally learning how to keep fish, finally. In the short time I have been on this forum, I've learned so much. And I am amazed, as I look back on the tank I had 25 years ago, that I kept my fishes alive as long as I did in total ignorance. In fact, when I had to give up my 35ga octagon tank, the LFS took in my little community. Months later I would stop in and there would be my group in a nicely planted tank still doing so well.

I have a 10ga planted tank, with a small group of fish who get along pretty well. But I knew that wouldn't satisfy me for long. AND I really need a QT, soooo...I think my hubby recognized the light in my eyes and decided to get out of the way. I found this bowfront on Craigslist in my town. Looked at it, liked it, and put a deposit on it. It is currently up and running with two lonely fish in it. It has a Bio wheel filter that I don't know much about, as compared to the little HOB on the 10ga. So its something new to research!
bowfront 45.jpg
This is how it looks in the sellers home. They are doing some traveling over the next two weeks so we've agreed to meet then to break down the tank and get it to my house.