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Thread: My "kids"

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    Once Deuce settles I have considered adopting another dog from Villalobos, avid fan of the show and Tia's work. I am a huge fan of APBTs and any of the other "misunderstood" breeds. We had actually settled on a Cane Corso until the town over from us put a ban on pitbulls. So we were opted to retaliate and support the breed in our town which is still pit friendly. I have always been attracted to the powerful breeds of dogs because of their devotion to their family, not to mention the security of not worrying about being robbed in the middle of the night. Really tho I have owned several mastiffs, GSDs, a Rottie, and a few Pits and none of them have been anything but model family pets. My GSD/Wolf mix however hated other canine and was selective about people, we still never had a problem with him because we simply kept him in the yard when people came into the house.

    I do feel like many people do not do ample research into these types of dogs...and many find themselves unable to deal with a dog which is stronger than them. I also think that the "bad rap" many breeds have comes from a lack of socialization, lack of training, lack of discipline, and owner ignorance. I would say that Deuce is bomb proof around other animals and humans...would I leave him unsupervised with someone's infant or a 2lb lap because that would be stupid. People do not think, they also do not understand that even bomb proof animals still have natural instincts which occasionally kick in. If a pit were to attack someone because it felt as if its family were under threat...there will be serious bodily damage. If a yorkie attacks because it felt its family was under might owe that person a new pair of pants or shoe laces. Pits also dont look stereotypically "cute" thus they dont get away with bad behavior as a fluffy little dog in the public's eye. I have seen far more aggressive yorkies, dachshunds, and chihuahuas than I have GSDs, rotts, pitts or dobbermans
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    Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed answer! I can understand why you would use that collar in those circumstances! My mom is a rabid animal advocate (yes, I know the irony in using "rabid" to describe her...) and it sometimes colors my initial impressions, despite my best efforts. My opening sentence was a little harsher than I meant it to be.

    I didn't know pinchers came with silicon tips, and that makes me happy to hear. :)

    Like I said, Deuce looks happy and healthy. I do think pits are one of the most maligned breeds out there today...every one I have met has been very sweet and friendly unless they have a sordid past--which is the fault of people, not the dog.

    My own dog is a rescue dog with terrible separation anxiety, so I sympathize with that! Let us know if you find something that helps. :)

    Beautiful cats too, in case I wasn't clear in my praise. I am totally DH is allergic.
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    Pinchers despite their looks are very humane if used correctly. They are far more human for dogs which just wont stop pulling than having them repeatedly choke themselves out. Many dogs will suffer throat and spinal damage from excessive pulling. Pinchers are an instant easy fix and they work beautifully. Of course they can be abused, the same as any training device can be abused. You can buy pinchers with "comfort" tips on already or buy them separately. Initially we did not use these tips as his behavior needed the full correction, however now that he is older and needs less of a correction we have the tips on. This is so that he gets used to less of the pinching/grabbing response when he pulls and becomes accustomed to responding to just pressure so that he can eventually transition to a normal collar.

    For separation anxiety I have found no cure. He has been on Xanax(made it worse), Clomicalm, and Reconcile...neither of the last really did much. We have done behavioral training the entirety of the time we have had him. He has had separation anxiety since literally day 1. I have never seen a dog not whine and cry over not having its mother or siblings present, he never did this. However when the SO and I were out of his sight it was manic fit time.

    Honestly my only advice is escape proof your crate and hope for the best, with him we just let him have his tantrum. I have about 200 zip ties holding a kong crate together, we also zip tie the door closed and we have built a box around his crate with a gate style door which reinforces the crate door as well. This is bolted to the wall as well. The reason for this was Deuce would move his crate over to our bed and somehow pull all of the bedding off the bed and destroy it from still being inside the crate. He would then somehow move his crate back to its original position. In escapes he has also chewed up windows, a door, a door facing, curtains, and damaged the wood floor in our bedroom. He has done several thousand dollars of damage in only a few weeks when his anxiety was at its peak. This was when the vet prescribed Xanax which did not help his anxiety at all and only lowered his inhibitions and caused him to pull bars off a steel crate resulting in a chipped canine tooth and a huge gash on his head.

    Keep in mind he is exercised 4+ miles per day, has stimulation toys inside his crate, and has a 42" TV to watch the dog channel all day. He is also only crated from 8am-2pm 4 days per week. Dog has it made and just doesn't know it. lol
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    Wow. First - beautiful dog and cats. And second - I commend you for sticking with this dog who has such horrible separation anxiety.
    We have 2 house cats as well and a Brittany spaniel who has separation anxiety. She's not as destructive as your dog and we're actually able to leave her in the house roaming free when we're gone but I always have to police the house and shut bedroom doors or she'll move all the bedding to the floor, shred newspapers and God forbid we leave a box of tissue within her reach.
    I feel so bad for her. You know she's grieving when we're gone but as you said, there seems to be little to be done for it.
    In the meantime, those were lucky animals to find their way to your home :o)
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    Wow that is an incredible struggle. You do have a lot of patience and love in you to keep up with a dog like that!
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    Oh it has been and we have had moments of serious regret, moments of thinking about finding someone more capable to deal with him. But the realistics are few would deal with all of this. He is also very dr. jekyll and hyde. When we are home with him he is the perfect dog. He has never chewed up anything he wasn't supposed to, doesn't get on the furniture, is very sweet and protective, gentle with the cats, is just hilarious and full of love for us. However if we get a visitor he goes into manic over excitement. If we go to a new place he becomes over excited to the point he just trembles. All training goes out the door and he behaves like a wild raging idiot. lol However after a while of repeat visits or if a visitor comes often he becomes less and less excited. He can now let my mother in the door without trampling her to death and can go to petsmart and behave like a gentleman but it has taken a year of weekly visits.

    I have decided he will be our last puppy, in the future I think we will adopt dogs around a year old
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